June 1, 2012

My Appreciation and Giveaway Winner Announced

A sincere thank you to my faithful followers and new followers who take the time to visit my blog. I enjoy reading your comments, but I also enjoy visiting and reading your blogs. By reading your blogs, I have learned new things, I have been inspired, and I have shared your victories as well as your pain.

Often times, I read blogs and don't leave a comment because I feel like I don't have anything witty, or insightful to say, but I know how much I love receiving comments. So even if it is a smiley face or a heart icon, I will be visiting your comment boxes every time I stop by your blog for a visit.

Thanks to all who helped me celebrate my blogs first anniversary - 

Let's see who  . . .

Congratulations, Ann from A Sentimental Life
if you have a few moments pop over and visit
her blog. She lives in a two story Victorian, and 
has a cabin, and has a magnificent garden.

My second grandson, Lowell will graduate from kindergarten this afternoon and I look forward to this celebration. He is having an exciting week, yesterday he lost his front tooth, and today kindergarten graduation.

Last night I had a visit from my oldest grandson, Declan, and he brought me a gift . . .

He picked me this gorgeous pink peony,

and two beautiful roses, and he used a
vintage bottle for a vase! 
I am truly blessed, and always thankful.


  1. Congratulations to Ann, I'm sure she'll love the necklace, it's gorgeous. It sounds like a big week for Lowell, graduating from kindergarten and losing his first tooth. My kids held on to their milk teeth for ages, in fact, they've still got some and they're teenagers. Declan will charm the ladies by bringing such gorgeous blooms.

  2. Kindergarten graduations are so fun! Beautiful peony...love the pretty shade of pink.

  3. Declan?? only the second one I've ever heard of! shhh my youngest son is named Declan but I never use his name on the blog!! <3

  4. Congratulations to Lowell graduating from kindergarten and you have a winner on your contest. Maybe you will be less busy now that school is out. The peony is gorgeous.

  5. Congratulations to Ann and happy one year anniversary to you. What a sweet thing for your grandson to do, and a vintage bottle too! I remember the kindergarten graduations, so priceless.

  6. again..many many thanks! How exciting, I will have to get a new blouse to wear with it!
    What a beautiful peony..how blessed you are to have your grandsons.

  7. Congratulations, Ann!

    I just love peonies. My blooms have come and gone for the year but were beautiful while they lasted. I love the old bottle as a vase for displaying yours. Great idea!