May 31, 2012

My Sense of Humor or DNA

While reading the morning newspaper, and sipping my coffee, I came across an Associated Press article titled:

Polish orchestra plays 'Requiem" in protest.

Orchestra, choir and soloists of the Chamber Opera
 perform Mozart's "Requiem" in front of the
Presidential Palace in Warsaw, Poland.
People in the street listen to the Chamber Opera that specializes in Mozart's music performing his Requiem, the Funeral Mass in front of the Culture Ministry in Warsaw, Poland on Tuesday, May 29, 2012 to protest recent cuts in the opera's budget and to seek government protection. The 50-year-old opera, which is famous for its annual festivals of all of Mozart's stage works, says it will have to close in summer if it gets no additional funds. 

I hope that after performing the 'Requiem" and handing the Culture Minister Bogdan Zdrojewski a petition with 20,000 signatures that funds will be found to keep the Chamber Opera going.

After finishing my coffee and reading the newspaper, I decided to clean out the spare bedroom closet. This closet was filled with junk things I didn't know what to do with. Most of it rests in peace at the curb waiting for the garbage collectors.

I did, however, find a few items that I kept, my photos from my 2008 trip to Poland/Germany can now be stored with my other photos. I looked at all my photos from this marvelous trip and found some photos that I wanted to share.

 Normal people take photos of the beauty surrounding them or places of historic interest, not true of me, here are some of my photos I took while visiting Poland/Germany.

While visiting a park we came across this sign.
No pictures of the beautiful park
just of me and the "lust" sign.
While shopping in Germany, we noticed this store sign.
Of course, another memorable photo opportunity.  
Being extremely Polish my friend Joyce and I had to have our photos
taken in front of this store.  Our Polish relatives wore babooshka
which is Polish for scarves that are worn over their heads.
We did visit a museum, see I have the headphones
around my neck and the audio box in my hand.
My friend Joyce took my photo next to this statue, I
guess she got the most vital part of the statue.
If I have offended you with this photo, I'm sorry.
We visited Chopin's home, and of course
we found another photo opportunity. Stand
by the bronze head of Chopin and see who
has the biggest Polish nose.
While the Chamber Opera plays 'Requiem' in protest, which I think is a sassy way to send a message, I have to wonder if a weird sense of humor is in our Polish DNA. 

Probably not because my sweet sister took captivating photos of picturesque fields, and historic castles from her Ireland holiday. I guess I have a strange/weird sense of humor. Is that a bad thing?

Right after, I finished writing this post, I write my blog post in the evenings and schedule my blog to be posted at a certain time the next morning, I checked my facebook page and found this posted by my daughter.

My darling granddaughter LuLu Belle.
We all went to a Polish Festival last summer
where my daughter snapped this picture.
Dupa is Polish of butt.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, or perhaps it is DNA.

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  1. I love people with a strange sense of humour. Life would be boring otherwise! I love the people protesting too. Good for them!

  2. I was looking more at the chin line with your picture next to Mozart thinking - you might be related.
    I did laugh at the statue with the most important part though.

  3. Paulette, you crack me up! And it does appear your daughter has inherited your wonderful sense of humor. Keep on smiling!

  4. That's hilarious. Love the schmuck sign!

  5. nnoooo, i dont think you have a strange/weird sense of humor. in fact, i can tell you are a very intelligent person :) i love your photos and above all, i love the humor in each and everyone of them :) keep it coming! i hope the govt will keep the chamber opera!

  6. Haha. What a fun post! Love your Polish sense of humor.

  7. LuLu Belle is gorgeous Paulette, such a cutie.Oh and congrats to Ann on winning your giveaway!

  8. The picture of you and the statue is hilarious! The statue seems to be reaching out to you- that's a bit creepy. I think there is a website for awkward photos- this is a perfect candidate!