May 25, 2012

Infused Water

The June issue of  Better Homes and Gardens inspired this blog post.
While flipping through the first few pages of the magazine, I saw a short article about drink dispensers. That reminded me that the resorts that I stayed at in Hawaii had infused water in their lobbies. 
In Maui the resort offered lime infused water.
Waikiki offered pineapple infused water. 

A sign placed on the wall about the table
gave a lesson on the pineapple.
I like to drink water, I even drink more than the suggested 8 - 8 ounce glasses a day. I don't have a filter system or drink bottled water, I drink the water straight from the tap, of course, I use a glass. :)) 

I must admit that the infused water in Hawaii was refreshing, so I'm going try some infused water this holiday weekend.

Cucumbers add a clean, refreshing taste to water, and I have been served cucumber infused water after a massage, or maybe I'll slice up an orange and a few strawberries.

This weekend I'll be a fancy girl and sip infused water out of a mason jar with a bendy straw.

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  1. Infused water - fancy name for just adding a bit of fruit to water. They are very pretty dispensers and it seems all the weddings are using them now a days.

  2. They have special pitchers out now that have a removable tube-like center. You put the fruit, etc. into the infuser tube. I don't have one, but I think they sound cool, especially if you like to drink infused water.

    I don't like the "sweet" waters, so the infused ones sound really refreshing to me.

    I've also heard the cucumber infused water can help with weight loss. I should be chugging that stuff!

  3. Interesting information about the pineapple. I drink lots of water too, though never infused, I shall have to try it.

  4. I've always loved lemon water and kept a pitcher in the fridge, but your cucumber water sounds wonderful and I'm off to make some right now!

  5. That water looks so delicious! I am jealous you went to Hawaii.

    Anyway, I help do marketing for Zing Anything, this company that has citrus and fruit Zingers, that allow you to keep the real fruit/veggies into your water bottle The website is if you want to check it out.