April 19, 2014

Happy Easter ~ Wesolego Alleluja!

Card purchased from Polish Art Center
Treasury of Polish Heritag
On the occasion of the Celebration 
of the Easter Holiday
sending best wishes for,
health, happiness, prosperity,
a tasty Easter Meal,
and a wet Dyngus day.

April 18, 2014

Easter Tradition - Blessing of the Food

Today I will be preparing for Swieconka,  the blessing of the Easter basket. This Polish traditions dates back to the 15th century and not only is observed in Poland but by descendant of Poles in the United States, Canada, along with other Polish Parish communities.

The basket is lined with a beautiful cloth, decorated with bows and flowers, with a white cloth to cover the basket when it is filled with the food that is to be blessed.

Typical baskets would be filled with symbolic foods that will be eaten on Sunday morning.

My Easter basket will be blessed with the following. . .

*eggs - symbolize life and Christ's resurrection
*bread - symbolic of Jesus
*lamb- represents Christ
*salt - represents purification
*horseradish - symbolic of the bitter sacrifice of Christ
*ham - symbolic of great joy and abundance

The butter in the form of a lamb, Baranek Wielkanocny/Easter lamb, will represent Christ in my basket, while some people will bring a cake in the shape of a lamb. I will put cloves in for the eyes and tie a red ribbon around the neck of the lamb. 

I will be boiling my eggs for the basket today using onion skins, as did my grandparents, and aunts. The color of the egg will be a very pretty brown almost copper colored.

I will pick up the kielbasa/Polish sausage from the Polish grocery store today along with some Polish rye bread. The ham is in the refrigerator.

Fond memories from my childhood come to mind about the blessing of the Easter baskets. The church bells would toll in our Polish community announcing the blessing of the baskets. You would see families rushing to the church, the church would be decorated so beautifully.

This was my father's photo of the church from Easter in 1929, the church was celebrating its twenty- fifth anniversary. The altar was filled with Easter lilies. The Felician nuns decorated the church beautifully for all special occasions.

Does your family have any Easter traditions? I would love to hear and learn about others' traditions.

April 17, 2014

Vintage Wooden Hangers

For the remodel I had to clear out every closet so that the 1970's sliding doors could be removed and new french doors and woodwork could replace them, and of course the closets were painted.

I am slowly putting back items that I know I will wear and getting rid of items that I didn't even know I still had. During this process I amassed hangers, hanger's from the cleaners, some with tubes attached to the wire while others were just wire, plastic hangers, slim flat flocked space saver hangers, and some wooden hangers. There certainly is many different styles of hangers.

I was surprised to find so many different styles of vintage wooden hangers in my pile.

Flat and round wood crescent shaped hangers, boomerang hangers, pant hangers with wooden rods, metal rods and metal rods that prevent pants from slipping off the hanger.

The wire hooks of the hangers were all different, very long hooks, some necks were curved before the hook, others had sharp angles before the hook, and some hooks had a flat top hook.

A few had advertising some engraved into the wood others stamped.

It is rumored that the third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson invented the hanger. 

The one thing that sticks in my mind about hangers is Joan Crawford in Mommy Dearest screaming, "No more wire hangers."

Thank goodness these are wooden so I can keep them.

April 16, 2014

Priscilla Curtains Timeless Elegance

The Pricilla curtains in my childhood bedroom framed the window and floated about as the breeze came through  cooling off the bedroom. I loved those Pricilla curtains when I was a child and I still enjoy the look that these timeless curtains provide even today.

Priscilla curtains consist of two sheer panels that use a standard double rod allowing the curtains to criss cross, or drape across each other. The ruffles and drape usually land in the center of the window. These sheer curtains allow the sunlight to spill into my small guest room.

The Pricilla curtains have a timeless beauty and give my guest room a look of elegance.

I must admit that for, several days I have been playing around trying to get them to drape a little nicer, moving the tie backs up and down the panels, and arranging the ruffles. Not everyone likes the look of Pricilla curtains, including my oldest daughter, but I just love them.
Here the tie backs allow the curtains to drape in the middle of the window.
Moving the tie backs higher exposed more of the window.

Did I mention that the Pricilla curtains were purchased at an estate sale for the only $2.50.

April 15, 2014

Slanted Closet Floor ~ Problem Sloved

I don't have a membership to the two warehouse stores in my area, it wouldn't be cost effective for my life style, but my sister and friend have memberships and often invite me to go along, I'm more than willing to go.

I like to purchase Kirkland toilet paper from Costco, 30 rolls of paper for $14.99. Kirkland toilet paper was rated number one by Consumer Reports a few years ago. The rolls are wider by almost a half inch from the national brands and have more sheets on each roll, while still being soft.

The problem when buying bulk is where to store the items. Of course, the basement is an obvious choice for storing things, and that is where the toilet paper was stored until I got an idea.

This closet is located in my hallway by my full bathroom, and is above the basement stair well.

Unfortunately, the bottom of the hall closet is slanted so nothing can be stored in that area.

What can I do to make this slanted area a useable space and store my paper products upstairs?

I decided that I would get a tension rod that was in the basement and place it so it would create a resting place for the packaged paper products.

I got some of the paper products stored, but I thought if I could add another tension rod a little higher up I would create a second layer for more storage.

The only other tension rod I had was a flat rod which worked just fine.

The useless slanted bottom of the closet is now being utilized to store all of my paper products.

I now have the connivance of storing my paper towel and toilet paper in what was once a useless space.

Problem solved, and I'm happy with the results.

April 14, 2014

Thrift Share

With all of the excitement going on with my neighbors getting ready for their estate/rummage sale, I didn't go to any thrift stores this week, there was enough vintage items for me to see next door.

If you missed those posts you can check them out here and here. I have been helping Darlene unbox and arrange items for the sale. I want to think I'm a good neighbor, but I fear that I am checking out all of the fabulous things before the sale starts so I can purchase items before hand. Shame on me.

There was a box filled with Blushing Rose china by W S George that was being shoved from place to place across the garage floor for several days. I fell in love with this sweet set of dishes, and cringed each time someone pushed the box with their foot to a new resting place.

Darlene knew how much I liked this set of dishes and yesterday she brought it over to my house and gave it to me. I was thrilled beyond words.

I immediately started unpacking the dishes. A thin film of grime clung onto each piece, but I didn't mind one little bit. I placed each piece into hot soapy water gave it a good wipe with a cloth and stuck it into the dishwasher.

Unfortunately, there were a few piece that were broken and chipped. I ended up with these pieces.

Three vegetable bowls, three different serving platters, a creamer, and the lid to a sugar bowl. I will now put the sugar bowl on my thrift shopping want list.

I also have seven complete place settings that have, dinner plate, salad plate, dessert plate, cup and saucer, soup bowl, a small bowl perhaps a berry bowl, and what I am calling a cereal bowl. I also have extra pieces in case some of the pieces from the place setting breaks.

I am beyond the moon about owning this set of dishes.

There was also a box of assorted silverware, that she marked 25¢ each, so I picked up these items.

I  was fascinated by the intricate design on two of the pieces and the clean, simple line of the other.

More boxes are brought over each day for the sale that will be held on Friday and Saturday. It sure is convenient to be able to thrift shop in my neighbors garage.

Hope you found something this week that makes your heart sing with joy.

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April 12, 2014

1950's Time Capsule Home

Only $699K! Great Value! Retro, Pristine & Spacious Detached Home! Prime "Bloor West Village"! Lovingly Maintained By The Same Owner For 72 Years! Updated Kitchen! Breakfast Rm + Walk Out To Garden! B/I Cupboards In Lr & Dr. Master +B/I Vanty! Lower Level Family Rm. Plenty Of Storage & Cedar Closet! Rear Patio & Sunny West Garden! Steps To Bloor, Schools, Shops & Subway! Mutual Drive! Can Park Small Car In Rear

What fun it was looking at the photos of these rooms. Love the pink phone on the counter in the kitchen.