April 24, 2015

A Sweet Memory and May Baskets

We don't realize that little moments from our lives often become cherished memories for someone. That is especially true of my sister-in-law. Ever since my husband's death in 1998 she has shared some of her favorite memories of her big brother with myself and my children, now these shared moments have become some of our favorite stories about George.

My husband was the oldest of his siblings and often was the caregiver for his brothers and sisters. They lived in southern Illinois in a small rural community where he was a paper boy.

Here is her memory of a May Day sometime in the 1960's.

Butch that was George's nickname came into my bedroom with construction paper and scissors. We're going to make May Baskets and deliver them to our neighbors tomorrow morning. So we sat in the middle of my bedroom floor and cut strips from the construction paper so we could weave the baskets. 
Butch went to the kitchen and mixed flour and water and made a homemade paste. I was in charge of gathering the flowers, I picked wild violets and dandelions. 
We sat for hours weaving the baskets. Butch who always had a stash of candy in his room, some he bought and some was given to him by his paper route customers brought the bag into my room. We added one and sometimes two pieces of candy in each basket. 
The next morning we woke up and put the flowers I'd gathered into the woven May baskets. We would hang the May basket on the doorknob, ring the bell and run fast so we wouldn't get caught. 
We delivered 100 baskets that morning and nobody knew it was us. We both felt so good and happy on the May Day.
While shopping a church rummage sale, I came across some paper baskets with wire handles and the May Day story filled my mind. So, of course, for 50 cents I purchased the four baskets.

I will fill each basket with a small potted flower that my neighbors can plant, perhaps a marigold plant or pansy or do you think that cut daffodils would be better? In memory of my husband, I will tuck in a few pieces of candy. Will you be hanging a May Basket on your neighbor's doorknob this year?

Here are a few May Baskets from the world wide web. 




Source: Simply Balisha
From simple homemade baskets to beautiful creations I would be delighted to find one on my doorknob on May 1st. 



  1. Such a sweet memory and idea; I may have to follow your example this year!

  2. That is a wonderful memory and story! I love your baskets so much! I might try to do one this year for a few people! That would be quite a surprise!

  3. I just learned about May baskets a week ago. Sounds like a great idea for my neighbors. Linda@Wetcreek Blog