May 30, 2012

Replacement Parts for Toys

The grandchildren like to play with the Melissa and Doug Stamp and Sort Mailbox that I purchased from a rummage sale for one dollar. I got the mailbox, six letters, and six stamps that attach with Velcro.

The children enjoy putting the stamps on the letters and placing the mail into the correct slots, but there is one problem, the mailbox didn't come with a key. This was a disappointment to the children the door could still be opened by turning the lock with your fingers, but they kept asking where was the key.

This morning I decided to check out the Melissa and Doug website for replacement parts. After several minutes of looking I decided to call the toll-free number and asked if they sold replacement parts. No they don't, was the response. "That's too bad I said my grandkids will be disappointed." She asked me what part I needed. I explained to her that I had all the parts to the Stamp and Sort Mailbox except for the key. Hold on let me check something, she said. After just a few moments, the operator came back on and asked for my name and address and said a key would be sent to me within two weeks. Melissa and Doug has exceptional customer care and makes terrific toys and puzzles. I have purchased, retail, many of their puzzles and toys, and will continue to do so. 

I also have a Buzz Light Year Operation game, by Hasbro, that has one piece missing. I looked up Hasbros website and found the Hasbro replacement parts page. For just four dollars I was able to purchase a package of Funnatomy Parts, that is what they call the pieces that you have to operate on in the game.

If you have missing parts/pieces from your toys, look online and see if you can get a replacement part. I like to pick up the phone and call so here is a list of phone numbers that might be useful.
  • Fisher Price 800-432-5437
  • Hasbro 800-255-5516
  • Lego 800-422-5346
  • Little Tikes 800-321-01893
  • Mattel 800-432-5437
  • Milton Bradley 888-836-7025
  • Nerf 800-327-8264
  • Parker Brothers 888-836-7025
  • Playskool 800-752-9755
  • Tonka 800-248-6652
  • Melissa & Doug 800-718-5365
My father always told me, it doesn't cost anything to ask questions, and he was right. In two weeks, I will have the key for the Melissa and Doug Stamp and Sort Mailbox and the grandchildren will be happy.

This is my personal experience, and I have not received any compensation for this blog post.


  1. That's great customer service from Melissa and Doug, you don't get that from many places these days. Your grandchildren will be so pleased when the key arrives.

  2. Good for you! My theory is that it never hurts to try. And look how successful you were. I've never seen that mailbox and letters before. What fun! My kids would have loved that. As it was, I made a little mail box and wrote them letters each day as they were learning to read.

  3. Only a grandma would call and get replacement parts. My daughter's generation just gives the toys away to the goodwill. I've never seen the little mailbox before nor have I ever heard of Melissa and Doug toys.

  4. Glad your grandkids will have a complete toy! When my children were younger, I would often buy games at garage sales. I called customer service departments many times for replacement pieces. It's all about keeping the customer happy!

  5. I have done this! It is really amazing what you companies will send you. I have been sent all sorts do spare parts from Barbie ballet slippers to little men that drive front end loaders!

  6. You are awesome! I just called Melissa & Doug about the key also (yay garage sales!) and I have to send a letter and $5 check to PO Box 590, Wesport, CT 06881, and they'll send a replacement key (the $5 money includes S&H). :) For reference, the letters and stamps would be $8.50. Thanks for the tip!

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