May 19, 2012

Thrift Share

Rummage sales, church sales, estate sales, and flea markets are in full swing in my hometown, and I am thrilled. Driving down the streets rummage sales and estate sale signs pepper the curbs with addresses and arrows to help you find the sale.

I didn't plan on junking this weekend, I need to start selling on eBay or start an etsy shop, because I am becoming overwhelmed with thrift shopping purchases. Mid-morining I needed to run to the grocery store, as luck would have it, I saw signs that were pointing me to an estate sale in my neighborhood.

This little two bedroom bungalow with a full basement was jammed packed with vintage items.  The family was overwhelmed by the numerous comments about the hoarder that lived in the house, I was uncomfortable, I can only imagine how the family must have felt.

I made my purchases, I'll share those during the week, and walked towards  my car. Walking past the side of the house, I noticed a large amount of junk piled up with a suitcase sitting in the middle of it. I stopped and reached for the case, a voice from the front yard hollered, take it, it's free, take anything you want from over there.

This is what I pulled from the junk heap...

Covered with dust and dirt this suitcase has seen
better days, but what stories of travel could it tell.

How many hands have held this leather handle?

What kind of suits or frocks were packed inside, and where did they go?

Bonus I even found a wooden hanger and a key.

I nosed around the piles and had to agree that it was rubbish until I saw two rolls poking up from the top of a trash bin. Of course, I pulled them out to investigate... vintage wallpaper.

The pattern is called Lace Drapery by Louis W. Bowen, Inc.

I wonder what a room would look like with this pattern of wallpaper.

The price was right, free, and I didn't want to see these items end up in a land fill.

Looking forward to see what everyone else found this week.

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  1. How are you going to use that old suitcase? The wallpaper was pretty.

  2. The suitcase and the wallpaper are both excellent finds. The price was sure right.

  3. FREE!! amazing finds! that suitcase is gorgeous!

  4. Hi Paulette! Dont blame you not wanting to leave those items to go to landfill.Old suitcases are lovely arent they? I have my dad's old leather one and it has to be about 60 years old but its beautifully made and would probably last at least another 60 years.I use it to store my family history things in it which I think is quite appropriate!

  5. When you figure out how to turn your finds into cash, please let me know! I am also drowning in goodies from estate sales, garage sale, etc... My garage is reaching capacity- help!!!

  6. Gotta love free, especially when the items are as cool as what you found. Paulette, I know what you mean about finding a place for everything. I, too, think I've got to get busy on ebay or Etsy. Whew! Thrifting is just so much fun and I think there could be worse hobbies to have.....

  7. Love that wallpaper. Oh many possibilities!

  8. I love the wallpaper, too! And the suitcase is great. I sometimes use old suitcases in "rough" condition as an alternative to rubbermaid containers for storage in my attic or basement.

  9. Free treasure is ABSOLUTELY the best kind of treasure!

    Gorgeous wallpaper, think f all the crafting you could do with that, you lucky thing.

  10. That wallpaper is lush, so old but like you I would love to know where it hung!