June 16, 2012

Secondhand Treasures Magazine

Saturday afternoon, standing in the dreaded checkout line, that has at least two people ahead of me, I start reading the magazine covers. As my eyes scan from People to Martha Stewart Living magazine, I see a magazine that I would actually read.

A magazine full of useful articles
and, inspirational ideas.

The cost was a little steep
at $9.99, but I deserved a treat. 
A list of online websites for treasure brokers on page 33.

Tip and tricks for the collectors on page 39.
Ideas and advice for sellers on page 79.

Inspirational DIY's on pages 109-111.

Peppered throughout the magazine is True Story
articles about collector and resellers.
The back of the magazine is an advertisement
for the American Pickers guide to Picking.

So this afternoon, I relaxed with my Secondhand Treasures magazine, and a bowl of Rainier Cherries that were priced at $4.99 a pound. It was an expensive afternoon, but sometimes you just have to treat yourself to a short Saturday afternoon staycation.


  1. Looks like it contains some great info. I'm going to search for it around here. Thanks!

  2. Definitely a treat! I'll be watching for it too.

  3. That magazine looks great! Cup of tea and a biscuit I say!

  4. What a great magazine-thanks for the tip. I will keep my eyes open for it. Looks like it is full of useful info.