June 27, 2012

I eat with my eyes first!

In 1941, the Culinary Arts Institute published a pamphlet that answered the age old question: What should I prepare for dinner/supper tonight? 

The only color that's in this pamphlet is on the cover.

This menu idea suggests rolling sausages into the 
veal roast instead of stuffing, I'm sure it must have been a hit 
with the 1941 crowd. The black and white photo does 
not make it look attractive nor appetizing.

Today updated recipes for stuffed veal roast can 
be found online and in many modern cookbooks. 
With a color photo, the food looks appealing. Photo Source

Pineapple baskets have been around for awhile,

but this color photo of the pineapple basket 
makes my mouth water. Photo Flicker

To make vegetables more attractive try
putting each vegetable inside a separate lettuce cup. 

Today lettuce cups have become a vessel to 
sever many different kinds of foods. Photo Source

Cantaloupe with ice cream was popular in 1941,

and in 2012, we still eat it that way. Photo Source

After spending forty five minutes reading the menu plans, which caused my eyebrows to raise several times, I have come to the conclusion that we are still using many of the same recipes, but with a modern twist.

Here, are a few menu suggestions that made my eyebrows raise...
  • Tongue with Raisin Sauce
  • Calf's Liver Club Sandwich
  • Mock Chicken Legs -my mother used to make me eat these
  • Liver Birds

    I wonder if in seventy years, someone will be looking at a cookbook published in 2012, and have raised eyebrows because of our recipes.


    1. That veal with the sausage looks so awful. I think my husband would invent such a dish and then wonder why the rest of us don't even want to touch it!

    2. I love your post! So nice to look back at the past! ~Tammy

    3. Liver and tongue - uck. Not on a bet for me.

    4. Dont like the sound of some of those Paulette.I have loads of cookery books but tend to always stick to the same twenty or so dishes!

    5. I'm passing on the recipes, but intrigued about lettuce cups! Where have I been?

    6. Hmm, good pamphlet to read when one is on a diet. Not tempted by one thing. :)

    7. What a cool post, thanks for sharing!