June 20, 2012

Characters Real Names

A Google search will provide you with the information you are seeking and information that you never knew you wanted. That's what happened when I Googled Mr. Clean's first name, an article written by CNN titled: Real Names of 23 Fictional Characters popped up and I was trapped by this useless but fascinating  information.

Here, are a few of my "I didn't know that moments..

Barbara Millicent Roberts

Ken Sean Carson

Patricia Reichardt
Schulz has said in several interviews that he named Peppermint Patty after a dish of peppermint candies he had in his office, and simply thought the name too good to pass up. (Source)

Bull from the comedy series
Night Court. His characters 
name was: Nostradamus Shannon (Source)

... before eating his first cookie his name was Sid (Source

Jonas Grumby was the Skipper
 on Gilligan's Island 

The Man in the Yellow Hat
he doesn't have a name in the books,
but when the movie came out we found out
he is Ted (Shackleford) the last name 
was deleted from the movie before it's release.

As the adage goes, you learn something new every day. This new information is probably useless, except if you are in a trivia contest, but it sure was fun to find out.