June 11, 2012

Thrift Share

This weekend I was the source of thrift treasures, I hosted a rummage sale in my garage and driveway.

Preparing for a rummage sale is a lot of work but during the sale I was able to talk with so many charming people and hear some marvelous stories. 

I did manage to sneak off to attend a rummage sale a few blocks away for some new treasures.

1950's  Bar B-Q apron

with such cute drawings and funny phrases.

"Mother of a hamburger" my favorite.

"If you want to see flying Saucers
Go pinch the waitress"

I can't get enough suitcases, I just love
them. The size on this one was perfect to
store my vintage children's books.

Purchased for $3.00. I found a few surprises
when I opened up the suitcase when I got home.
The inside was in poor condition, and a few
items were left inside. Some sort of trim, fur
colar, a long line bra, and
the bottom of the case was lined with a few pages
from a 1955 newspaper. I love ephemera so I
 thoroughly enjoyed reading the want ads.
The suitcase was made by Wheary

and had this patent pending tag still inside. According
to the tag the suitcase was made between 1931 -1934.

Looking forward to see what everyone else found this week.

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  1. I love that kitschy apron and suitcase! Too cute!

  2. A red case similar to yours was snatched before my eyes at a sale at the weekend. I'm still upset i missed it by seconds. Nice finds.

  3. That apron is just the kitschiest! How great is it to find surprise treasures inside something after you've gotten home.

  4. What great finds! Makes me want to drop everything right now and go thrifting. What a great surprise when you opened that suitcase. I am fascinated by ephemera.

  5. The Apron is adorable! But the suitcase wins the day. I love to stack vintage suitcases. Not only are they attractive but in my "case" the storage they provide is invaluable!

  6. I'm shopping for a new suitcase for my trips to California and Poland. Glad you can find ways to use old suitcases. I gave some away about 7 or 7 years ago. They were cheap ones but worked well for when I used them.

  7. Hi Paulette, it sounds like you had a great weekend.When we honeymooned in Vermont we came upon a yard sale as we drove around and I have the items we bought still! They are a forever reminder. I suppose the nearest things we have over here are car boot sales. You know what they say 'one man's rubbish is another man's treasure!'

  8. Love, love, love the suitcase, I've been looking out for those too. The apron is very cool as well. Great bargains!

  9. OMG, finding that newspaper liner is so cool. Great find!

  10. I am loving that apron. I just love quirky things like that. Hope you made big money at your yard sale! They are a lot of work.

  11. Hope you had great success at your rummage sale. They are a ton of work. I much prefer to be an attendee than a host!

    Love the suitcase, Paulette! It reminds me that I have my great grandmother's little black suitcase tucked away in one of my closets. Ahh, I see a challenge before me: find that sweet little case.

    How do you remove any musty smells that remain in the suitcase or do you just pass on those that are a little stinky?

  12. The treasures in that suitcase must have been SO much fun to discover!

  13. I love love the case!! I have a little white one, but think yours is nicer!

    it makes me a wee bit sad that people dont even take the time to look through what they sell/donate to realise all the hidden secrets!

    Although, finding things like that add to the thrill of jumble/garage/boot sales!

  14. i love the fact that you sneaked into another garage sale while having your own garage sale lol! look at all your treasures! love the suitcase!

  15. How fun to find some goodies in the case too! thanks for linking up at cap creations.

  16. Great finds. I hope your sale was a success!

  17. Great case! I love finding little extras inside things.