June 14, 2012

College Cost and Kitchens in 1969

I have had hours of fun reading the March 1969 issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Not only do the advertisements bring back memories of my teenage years, some of the articles are making me yearn for the prices of the good old days. 

On page eight of the March 1969 issue an article titled:

The College Cost Picture: Is It so Grim..
*an excerpt from the article*

Steve, a high school senior, plans to enter a private four-year university this fall. If his school's charges are near the average, his first-year costs will be about $3,000 for tuition, board, and room. Transportation, books, entertainment and miscellaneous expenses, which obviously can vary, may add another $1,000.

Page sixty six showcases 10 kitchen, let's take a peek at these 1969 kitchens.

This might work in the kitchen of 2012
if you really liked red.

What do you think the designer Vern Yip,
from  HGTV would say about this design?

Everything old is new again.
I could totally see this in todays kitchen.

This kitchen reminds of the one in
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.

As much as I enjoy traveling back in time and remembering how things use to be, I am pretty happy with my here and now.


  1. Oh that we could bring back those 'expensive' college tuition numbers! And they say that in the past three years the average American family has lost 40% of its wealth!

    Those kitchens are pretty scary, aren't they. lol So glad we got over the psychedelic phase. :-)

  2. I can't say that I like any of them especially red, green and yellow.

  3. My kitchen is close to the 3rd one down...the yellow kitchen, with a few variations. My 1960's kitchen was built in 1985. Thank heavens my colors are different! It is on the agenda to be updated.