June 19, 2012

Mr. Clean a Fictional Character Has a First Name

Phew, it's been hot, humid, and extremely windy here in my little town of Wisconsin for the past few days.  So to escape the heat, I have been working in my basement sorting and cleaning out my thrift treasures.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I  love ephemera.  I found vintage cards with the most delightful illustrations and verses, stationary, vintage notebooks, binders, books, both children and adult, cookbooks, wrapping paper, craft and knitting books, and magazines. All of these items date from 1920's to 1970's.

What started as a tidy up the basement project, became a fun filled afternoon flipping through and reading many of my magazines. 

I came across an advertisement in this 1958 Christmas magazine and remembered I had done a post about this magazine last year, you can see that post here.

Check out what finger she is pointing with?

The back of a 1962 McCall's magazine announced this contest.

I never knew he had a first name.
A new home that is completely
furnished house for $30,000!
Some name suggestions: Maynard, Thundercloud...

Baldwin, Bryce... 
Waldo, Alvin...
Castor or Angus.
I never realized Mr. Clean had a first name, so I came upstairs to do a Google search to see what name won this contest.

What is Mr. Clean's First name?

It's Veritably!

So now I know his full name is: Veritably Clean.

My Google search provided me with tons of Mr. Clean information and jogged my memory about the Mr. Clean jingle. Does anyone remember this jingle and commerical?

As for the cleaning up of my basement, that didn't happen, but I sure did have a terrific time looking at my ephemera and finding out about Mr. Veritably Clean.

This got me thinking about what other fictional characters have first or last names I didn't know about. That will have to be another blog, perhaps tomorrow.


  1. I missed that contest but in fact, I was probably too young to care at the time. I remember the jingle - it's stashed in my memory bank with other useless stuff.

  2. I remembered the jingle word for word, but didn't remember that contest. I can well remember wanting to buy a lovely house in 1971 that was $19,000 and out of our budget.

  3. Haha! I just listened to the jingle and I remembered only the last stanza word for word! They must have used that for short promos. Gosh, that is one long commercial!

  4. I'm with Jeanne. I remember the last bit of the jingle. I think that's what they used in later years' commercials.

    I think that you should get credit for thinking about Mr. Clean even though you didn't clean your basement. You did do some "Cleaning". :)

  5. I have heard that when you are cleaning or organizing you are not supposed to start reading magazines or old letters because you will fall into the trap of reading everything and never get back to organizing. Sounds like your diversion was lots of fun and well worth it. We all got to enjoy your walk down memory lane!!