July 11, 2011

Vintage Magazine

Sunday afternoon I picked up a magazine that I recently purchased at a rummage sale, The How-To Christmas Book, Number 1. 

I wonder why did they called it a book when, in fact, it was a magazine.

The magazine book was published by Whitestone Publications in 1958 in, Louisville, Kentucky, and is filled with interesting articles on how to.

I love the Christmas tree made with Q-tips in the lower-right corner.

It had many recipes, guide lines on how to host a party, and Christmas dinner suggestions.

Christmas dinner hasn't changed much since 1958.

Toward the back of the magazine book was a shopper guide, would I love to have some of these vintage toys.

My favorite Aunt had the mechanical teddy bear pouring the soda.  
I use to love playing with it, I wonder what happened to it?

This advertisement caught my eye...

How innocent everyone was back in 1958. {Look at her raised hand} 
This advertisement made me smile laugh out loud. 

This magazine book was priced 15¢ I believe I got my moneys worth.


  1. 1)What an amazing fine!!! 2)I live in Louisville Ky 3)I work for Whitestone! (mine not a publisher but an incorporation name for a construction company) and I LOVE old magazine (always featuring some in my blog). So yours is my fav post of the day!

  2. oops - so excited I made tons of typos. 1)Find, 2)Louisville, Ky 3)is not 4magaines. whew.

  3. The laugh that advertisement caused alone was worth the 15 cents, lol. Thanks for sharing that great find!

  4. the q-tip required a green poster paper. I made one and I was so proud of it. Looking at it now, I'm sure it was tacky but it was a decoration for the house that year. Fortunately, if you store it in the attic, the q-tips fall off and the poster paper fades.