July 15, 2011


This morning I woke up to a small river of water in my basement. It seems that my water heater needs to be replaced. As I write this, the plumber is working on draining the old and prepping for the new water heater.

I am so uncomfortable having workers in my house, do I offer them coffee, should I help them carry the massive thing down the stairs? Two hours if all goes well is the time frame for installation, tick tick tick tick.

As I sit at the kitchen table with my coffee I gaze out the window and see my flowers. They are so pretty and make me smile, so I decided to share some photos.

Looking forward to some rummage sales, estate sales, and some thrift stores tomorrow. Good luck with your weekend thrifting.


  1. It's unfortunate that the only way to tell your water heater needs replacing is when it is flooding your floor. Seems there should be some kind of warning system built into them, don't you think?

    Hope your day is filled with fun and thrifty purchases. We'll be out looking for some ourselves!

  2. Nice flowers. Well, you can't leave your house when they are working and definitely don't offer to help - you are paying for that!

  3. A water heater is not one of the things we can afford to be thrifty about. As for what to do with workmen in the hosue - stay out of the way as much as possible, especially when they charge by the hour. If you want to hold a door open for them, that is fine.
    You have a beautiful view while you wait.

    My family in Wkgn still had no power this morning from last Monday's storm.