July 19, 2011

Sweet Tables at an Engagement Party

My very good friend invited about forty people for and engagement party for her son and future daughter in law on Sunday afternoon. The restaurant was located on the shore of Lake Michigan on a hill that provided a beautiful view from the wrap around windows in the dining room.  The food was okay, the service slow, but the sweet tables were loaded with homemade goodness. It is customary with my friend to have a dessert table at all of her functions.  We all leave with a box full of treats, and this function was no different.

Two six feet tables displayed all of the desserts.

Chocolate frosted Biscotti, Cream Cheese Tarts with Cherries
a heart shaped coffee cake, and some brownies.

Cute heart shape coffee cake, nice touch.

Biscotti went great with the coffee.

Eclairs, Cream Puffs, Brownies, and Curly Cut Cookies.
My friend has always called these curly cut cookies
 they may have a different name that I am unaware of. 
These beauties only are made
for special occasions.

Curly Cut Cookies

A small piece of happiness.

More biscotti in different flavors and rice krispie treats frosted in chocolate.


To ensure we all had enough dessert a candy bar with to go bags. 

I came home with several types of biscotti and of course curly cut cookies.  
Anyone care to come over for some coffee and biscotti?


  1. Wow!! What an amazing engagement party arrangements. Liked all the dishes you shared. Couple of days back has contributed to my sister’s engagement party at one of popular LA venue. There I arranged delicious food that guests just loved and enjoyed.