July 29, 2011

Thrifted Memories

I shared with you one of my thrifty treasures the S'Mores Maker and the problems I have had finding Sterno.  Thanks to all people who left me comments and told me where Sterno was available, I finally found some.  My grandson, Declan has asked me several times to come over and use the S'Mores Maker. This is how we  made sweet, gooey, crunchy, and delicious S'Mores with my thrifty find.
Purchased at St. Vincent DePaul's thrift store.
The S'Mores Maker was brand new, never removed from the box.
The necessary fuel that is needed to use the S'More Maker.

Getting ready for fun.

Declan likes his marshmallows well done. 

Yummy  S'mores 

My thrift find helped Declan and I make a nice memory.

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  1. That must be the midwestern version of how to make s'mores. In the west we just use a camp fire to make them a long branch with a knife whittled edge.