July 13, 2011

Vintage Dolls ~ Choking Hazzard

The dolls from my dungeon/basement jogged my memory about the dolls that were given to me for my granddaughter Lauren that were stored in my garage. I ventured outside in this humid, way to hot heat wave, into the garage. On the shelf were two boxes that contained the dolls. These pretty girls were given to me by a friend that played with these dolls when she was a young girl. Julie has a son and felt that my granddaughter Lauren would enjoy playing with them.

How pretty she is, all fancied up (my daughter Amy's term) 
and ready to attend a party.

Cute pearl earrings on a blunt pin attached to her ears.

Rhinestone accent adorn these golden shoes.

This gal is really fancied up in her long black gown and shawl.

Rhinestone earrings that stick into her ears and
 a rhinestone necklace help complete this outfit.

Beautiful as the dolls are I haven't let my granddaughter Lauren play with them because of the chocking hazards. 

The children in the 50's and 60's had very beautiful dolls and toys with many intricate pieces that today would be pulled from the shelves because of chocking hazards.  
How did so many of us baby boomers survive with such unsafe toys?


  1. Good question! But we did survive.

  2. Actually, it should be choking. Don't get mad at me; remember I was an editor for 24 years.