July 14, 2011

Arnold Palmer

Tonight I was introduced to Arnold Palmer, the drink, not the person.  A friend asked me to go with her to a Pampered Chef party and I reluctantly agreed to go with her.  The things that you find out when a group of women are in the same room, just amazing.

One of the women at the party gave the hostess a gift bag. She opened the bag and pulled out two bottles. One was a bottle of Simply Lemonade and the other was a bottle of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka. She explained to the hostess that the two bottles would produce a delicious drink called an Arnold Palmer.  Of course, the glasses, in this case plastic ones, were filled with the Simply Lemonade and Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka. I am not a big drinker, but this was a yummy refreshing drink.  Looking for something different to drink? I recommend Arnold Palmer or even a non alcohol Arnold Palmer.

To make the Arnold Palmer pour in equal parts of Simply Lemonade and Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka. If you don't drink/like alcohol mix equal parts of lemonade and sweet tea.



  1. Tell me, was the Firefly Sweet Tea spicy?

  2. My nephew is a fan of the Arnold Palmer.