July 12, 2011

Basement Treasures #2

My favorite Aunt, her name was Victoria, we all called her Aunt Vickie, was a Salvation Army shopper. I remember we would walk to the thrift store that was about ten blocks away. The store was a long, narrow building with worn wooden floors that squeaked when you walked on them.  I have a vivid memory of a  box of dolls sitting in the corner, some with clothes, most with out. My Aunt gently sorted through the box of dolls purchasing two of them. The condition of the dolls was horrible the hair was matted the eyes didn't work, and they were filthy. We had a lady who did doll repair in her home and both dolls were taken to the doll hospital. One doll was given a blond wig and the other turn out to be a brunette. Why my Aunt wanted these dolls, I don't know? After her death, the dolls went to my fathers house and eventually came to my house. They have been living in my dungeon/basement for many years, and I am sorry to say I did not take very good care of them.

These are the dolls that my Aunt Vickie rescued 
from the Salvation Army over fifty years ago.

This is the blue eyed blond.

I love the expression on the brown eyed brunette. 

The eyes are open when the doll is upright, and they close when she lays down.  Made of hard plastic with movable arms and legs.  The brunettes head moves from left to right when you move her legs. These dolls have no maker marks on them. Do you know anything about these dolls? I would appreciate any information that you could give me. 

 I am going to look on Esty and see if I can find some clothes for these girls. 


  1. The blonde looks like a Madame Alexander doll.
    The brunette could be an Arranbee (R&B) Toni. Both dolls would be marked on their heads. Could the markings have been covered by the new wigs?
    I am no expert, and I am probably wrong, but I hope it gives you a place to start. I would look in the dolls of the 50s decade.
    If you tell me the size, I can try to identify them for you. Also, I would need to know if they had rooted hair that was removed or if they originally had wigs too.

  2. Try here:
    This is one of my favorite sites.

    or here:

  3. Ditto! I love your site too. I have some dolls from the 50's. I'll put a couple on my blog.

  4. This segment was a perfect addition to my book. Do you mind if I add it to Aunt Vic's story?