July 21, 2011

Car Baked Cookies

A television weather man from WEAU 13, Mark Holley from Eau Claire, Wisconsin decided to do a weather experiment Wednesday.  Here is the story.....





The cookies were removed from the car.
The pan was so hot oven mitts were needed.

Here, are what the car baked cookies looked like.

Cookies anyone?

This experiment helped all of us in Wisconsin pass the time
during this extremely hot, hot, hot, humid day.
Thanks WEAU 13 News for the fun experiment.

Is it as hot in your area? Want to do your own weather experiment.
Visit Baking Bites for car baked chocolate chip cookies, step by step directions.


  1. Amazing! It is also very hot where I live. Funny that you post this, I was thinking about my own experiment to test this hot weather. I wanted to leave an egg outside to see how long it would take to soft or hard boil it. I believe it was hot enough to do so! what do you think?

  2. I remember those sweltering hot days up to 103 degrees where they would see if an egg would fry on the sidewalk in downtown Salt Lake City.