June 26, 2012

Pleasant Day

Yesterday was such a beautiful day the temperature was 71 with a fabulous breeze. All the windows and doors were open to let in the breeze and fresh air.  The forecast is for very hot, and humid weather on Thursday, temps are expected to be near 100 degrees. Still no rain in our area, and a ban on open fires is in effect. 

Weather is such a strange thing, some blogs that I read are talking about days of rain and cold weather, while here in the mid west we are hot and dry. No matter what the weather conditions are I thank God for each day and try not to complain.

The basement clean out continues, one trip to Goodwill and one trip to St. Vincent DePaul with more donations to follow. Slow and steady wins the race.

With my new minimalist attitude, I have been looking in every box, storage container, and bag to see what I can get rid of. Way back in a corner of the built in shelf unit I found several boxes that contained items from my parents home clean out. I spent several minutes touching items that brought back such sweet memories. I miss them both immensely but am so grateful for everything that they taught me and for providing me with such a lovely childhood.

Among the boxes from my parents home was a small box filled with these....

My mother was a wonderful seamstress, she learned to sew when she was just a young child. My grandfather died when my mother was three years old, so my mother and her siblings were raised in the City of Children - Mooseheart in Illinois. Out of necessity all of the children had to learn to sew so they could make their own underwear.  

My mother made delightfully cute Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls that were sought after by people in the town that  my parents lived in. I wrote a blog about the dolls you can read it here.

A little bit of cleaning done in the basement and a whole lot of sweet memories. It was a good day. 


  1. Isn't it nice to have those old spools! I have some too, that were given to me by my great aunts who all lived into their late 90s. What an interesting story about your mother. I'll have to read more about that!

  2. What a sweet post. I love when doing something not so fun (decluttering) evolves into something wonderful. Love these old spools and the way you have displayed them. Now you can enjoy them every day.

  3. My mother was an exceptional seamstress, also. When I was young, I resented having to wear homemade dresses when all my friends had the latest in store-bought fashion. Today, I can appreciate her talent. She taught me to sew when I was young, but I'll never be the seamstress she was. I have all my mom's thread and empty wooden spools, too. Precious treasures, indeed. Loved your post.

  4. How neat that you have the wooden spools from your mother. I see some with prices of .10 cents on them. It is so cool how a simple item such as these can bring back a flood of warm memories.


  5. I have some wooden spools and most of them still have thread on them - a gift left from my grandma Clarissa.