June 17, 2012

Thrift Share

My oldest grandson came with me to a Thursday estate sale. When Declan heard that we were going to an estate sale he wasn't thrilled, but after we entered the house and he saw all the items just waiting to be purchased his attitude changed.

After changing his mind about ten times on what treasure to purchase, he decided on a two dollar hand carved wooden letter opener from Kenya. Which he kept calling a knife, I love the minds of ten year old boys. I think I just might have a new treasurer seeker on my hands.

The kitchen was my first stop, and that is where I saw a small plastic bag that contained hors d'oeuvre serving utensils. Six pieces for ten dollars, too much I decided, and continued to search the house for more hidden treasures.

My mind kept wandering back to the serving pieces. I convinced myself that each piece was less than two dollars so the serving utensils came home with me.

When I got home, I discovered that they 
were silverplate and made in Italy.

These flowers above the tines of the fork  are 
one of my favorite things about this set.

I also like the design of the shell
spoon. If you look closely, on the
right side of the spoon, you can
see the words Made Italy.

We paid for our treasures and went out to the attached garage, there I  found some ephemera, old magazines, newspapers, but they wanted three dollars for each item, so sadly I had to pass on those items.

While, in the garage, we were directed to the basement. How strange that the basement stairs were inside the garage. A nice gentleman greeted us, and Declan and I walked around the basement, Declan found two straw hats, and I found this.....

This 1950's Maid of Honor clothespin 
bag sold by Sear, Roebuck and Co.  

and this turquoise Arnoldware-Rogers
small basket, also from the 1950's.

It always makes me nervous when items aren't priced, but this time I was pleasantly surprised. Two straw hats, the basket and the clothespin bag, for two dollars. We were both happy when we climbed the stairs to go to our car.

Friday our Goodwill had scratch off saving tickets, you could save 15, 20 or even 25% off your total purchase. They have this promotion on the 15th of every month. So off I went, and this is what I found.

This small wooden bench that measures
28 inches wide and 16 inches tall.

What a pleasant surprise to find 
that the lid opened for storage.

Did I need this bench? Not really, but it was priced at $1.99 and my scratch off was for 15% off. How could I pass up this darling little bench for $1.69!

Looking forward to see what everyone else found this week.

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  1. How great that you had a junking partner, I tried many times to get my boys to go with me but they refused. I think that clothespin bag is my favorite and what a deal on the bench.

  2. It's good to trust your instincts as you did by going back for the serving utensils. The price would have put me off at first, too, but you ended up with an interesting treasure.

    So glad your little treasure-hunter found some fun things, too.

    The bench was a super find! What a price!!

  3. Thank you for your kind words! I think you have had some very nice finds! I have seen these italian pieces here in Norway. They are very pretty indeed!

    I usually go thrifting with my daughter, i'ts more fun when there are two.

    Thank you for stopping by.

  4. That clothespin bag is priceless. Also, it is so fun to see an estate sale through the eyes of a ten year old boy. I took my son (the same age) with me this weekend and he ended up with a real knife-a cute pocket knife with a spoon and fork. He isn't allowed to play with it without his dad around!

  5. What great finds! I love that the lid opens on the bench! I wouldn't have been able to resist!

  6. Yes, it's the clothespins bag...although the Italian silverplate runs a really close second! I have a Maid of Honor oven thermometer...didn't know it came from Sears...that's some good info! Thanks for stopping by my blog...really...! 8-)

  7. Sounds like fun, shopping with your boy! That bench must be the best bargain ever. Love the storage!

  8. how intricate and detailed are those silverware! great finds! i think your grandson is a treasure seeker in the making ;)

  9. Great finds! And the bench is great, i love it. I have to ask, at that price is it tiny? I cant tell in the photo. Any plans for it or keeping it as is? I'd totally want to paint it. Thanks for joining at cap creations.