June 29, 2012

Things are not always as they should be.

How excited I was to see the case tucked neatly on the top shelf, stepping onto the stool I grabbed the case and headed upstairs. *This is why it's taking me so long to clean, sort, and purge items from my basement.*

My sister passed this over to me after she finished college.

I opened the case and found ....

twenty seven dolls, extra clothes, and ET.

This is what was supposed to be inside the case.
Photo Source: Advanced Vehicle Technology
Perhaps the typewriters inside the Barbie case!
More important why did my two girls 
have twenty seven barbie dolls?


  1. It even looks like you had a Michael Jackson doll. I think you spoiled your girls somewhat but then I had to buy cabbage patch dolls for my daughter and I never liked them.

  2. That is such a fetching jacket Ken is sporting! Love the case though.

  3. What a disappointment! To find a party of teenagers going on inside a case that was to hold a typewriter. lol I hope you find the typewriter. I've been looking for one too. Love those old manual machines!