June 13, 2012

Colored Bathroom Tissue

While perusing a March 1969, Better Homes and Gardens magazine I saw some advertisements for items that I had forgotten about.
March 1969 issue that I purchased
from an estate sale for 25¢.
I had forgotten while growing up my mother purchased toilet paper with designs and in pastel colors similar to and including some of these.

Plant Lady Scott's fresh flowers in your bathroom
and watch it burst into bloom. In Venetian Pink,
Persian Blue, Emerald Green and Antique Gold.
A garland of colors by Lady Scott.
I have never heard of Aurora bathroom tissue.
Aurora's softness, delicate scent and beauty, has
 a sensible white inner ply under a pretty pastel
outer ply that they will insist on having every time. 
Kleenex Boutique Collection.
Four pow! pow! pow-erful ways to glow.
Hot Pink, Bold Gold, True Blue,
and Avocado Green.
I don't remember ever seeing the Avocado Green
in our bathroom, thank goodness.  
Love the gold angel holding up the blue tissue. 

Colored tissue was around sine the late 1950's.
Love how the bathroom tissues matches her towels
and her dress. We never used Soft-Weve.

These elegant ladies matched their tissue
to their stunning night gowns.
I see the bathroom tissue, but where is the toilet?
This is an ad from Better Homes and Gardens, 1956.
Northern was my mother's choice for bathroom tissue, our bathroom was pink tile with a black border running around the middle of the room. We always had pink tissue in our bathroom, but sometimes there was green and blue.

Did you have colored bathroom tissue at your house when you were growing up. What color tissue did your mom use?


  1. Isn't that funny...the glamorous shots of the dressing gown lady holding the roll of matching toilet paper. I mean really, in the end (no pun intended), it is just toilet paper. Takes all the glamour away, doesn't it. lol

    I dont think we ever had colored t.p. We were all probably allergic to it.

  2. I recently posted on Facebook remembering the Northern Girls and their colored tissue in our bathroom. I was wishing we still had colored tissue. It generated quite a few comments. I would love to have some Aqua for my bathroom right now.

  3. I had forgotten about colored TP. Sometimes our Grandma would have some fancy paper at her house.


  4. I dont think we ever had coloured toilet paper either, nor do we now! I think you can get novelty paper with peoples faces on, not very reverent though is it?!

  5. Shopping for colored toilet paper would be so much fun!!

  6. We never had any color other than white. It must have cost more or it never made its way west.

  7. i would love one of these rolls in my bathroom right now :)

  8. It just popped into my head while in the bathroom that pastel toilet paper is no longer around. I sure remember it, just like the Fuller Brush man and TV dinners in aluminum trays (when the peas always spilled over into the mashed potatoes). I'd like to see colored rolls again to bring back some memories. I'm a guy, but I loved that pastel paper. Found this source for bright tp including black: http://www.renovashop.com/

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  10. Question? I design gowns out of TP and I'm trying to track down pink quilted Northern, do you by chance have some, or know where I might get some?