January 30, 2012

Thrift Share

My youngest daughter has eclectic taste when it comes to decorating her home. She tends to like modern lines, sleek leather couches, pen and ink art, glass object with clean, simple lines.

She of course has a few vintage items that I have purchased during my thrift shopping trips, for example, a complete set of Johnson Bros. snow white Regency china made in England, picked up at an estate sale for $15.00. 

When she got married, her mother-in-law gave her a few vintage pieces that belonged to her parents, a coat tree, a table that sits in her living room, and a tea set. The tea set is not her taste at all, and when she was moving it was offered to me. I declined the offer until Friday, when I found this gorgeous tea set sitting in a plastic bin unwrapped, I decided it was coming home with me. 

So this weeks thrift share comes from my daughter's basement.

Inside of a small wash tub, was twenty pieces of Eggshell Nautilus, 
iridescent tea set with 22 karat gold trim in the flower pattern.

The set consists  5 - 8 inch plates, 5 tea cups and saucers,
salt and pepper shakers, creamer, sugar bowl and tea pot.

This is a beautiful tea set.

Looking forward to see what everyone else found this week.

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  1. That is just beautiful! What a lovely find.

  2. Absolutely beautiful - such gorgeous shapes.

  3. I like the tea set - it's gorgeous.

  4. Beautiful set! How lucky for you that your daughter didn't want it!!

  5. Don't you just feel like having friends over for tea now?? Lovely, lovely!!

  6. an afternoon tea and cakes would seem like a grand ball with your set :) gorgeous!

  7. Beautiful. I purchased the sugar bowl years ago at an antique store. I just knew it had real gold trim. For years I have attempted to find the set and been unable to. My sugar bowl, however, is round but the same colors...cream and gold. Every time I attempted to find the Eggshell Nautilus I came across the white plates with flowers and not this one. Does anyone know where I might find the complete set? Thank you.