January 9, 2012

Thrift Share

Sister's breakfast Sunday morning at Emily's pancakes house was a surprise for me. I ordered two eggs, pancakes, and bacon, breakfast special # 1 on the menu. When my breakfast order arrived the plate had four eggs over easy looking at me,  FOUR EGGS! "I ordered special #1 with two eggs," I explained. Well, here is the scoop, Emily's is owned by a Greek family, and it is their practice to double your egg order for good luck. I was full until dinner time.

While waiting for my breakfast to arrive I called my Illinois niece and congratulated her about her GW find, a George Foreman grill for $3.00. She has a college aged son that will enjoy this. In jest, I asked her if she wanted to shop at the GW with us that morning. My sweet sister missed the kidding tone in my voice so after breakfast off we went to one of our favorite GW's. 

I'm having a hard time understanding the price system that Goodwill has, some items are overpriced and some items are extremely reasonable. While shopping the toy section, I found four Melissa & Doug wood handle puzzles marked 99¢ each, while the off brand wooden puzzle was marked $1.99. 

Here, are the treasures that I found while thrifting...

This charming little girl captured my heart. 
Where is she going with her little companion?

This small 4.5 X 5 inch framed beauty will
find a home in one of my nooks or cranny.
Cost of this precious picture, 49¢.

This Greek girl has an embroidered dress, with Rhodian 
deer atop the columns that protect Mandraki harbor 
entrance, on the Greek island of Rhodes in the background.

 Cost of postcard 99¢

 I wonder if the person who bought this postcard forgot
to send it or just a lovely momento from their trip?

Looking forward to see what everyone else found this week.

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  1. Such fun finds! The Greek girl with the embroidered dress is great.

  2. Our GW has no artwork under $1.99.
    I agree that the price structures are very wonky. While I have not been in the clothing buying mode at GW for several years, being spoiled as I am with garage sales selling any clothing for a dollar or less, most 50c or under,I do know that there seem to be set prices for the clothing based on what it is - long sleeved or short, sweater or blouse, etc. The other items sway depending on who is in the back room that day. Even glassware can vary by a dollar for things belonging to the same set. But try to point this out or negotiate and you feel like evil incarnate. How dare you wish to cheat a charity!
    Our GW has a very limited toy section. I am not sure if they pass toys along to other stores or just trash them.

    Your little girl with pup print would find a good home on my wall. Would fit my decor style.

  3. I love that postcard, I used to have a Spanish senorita in the same style.

  4. My folks used to buy postcards as a souvenir because they had such nice pictures. They never sent them. I ended up with a bunch of them.

  5. I gave up on trying to figure out the GW pricing system. I love both the picture and the postcard!

  6. total spastic pricing at the GW's in Nebraska too. I can only imagine that there are ranges they have to be in, but different people probably price things everyday so it's a lot of different peoples opinions thrown in there. good or bad depending on what side of the price tag you're on! =)

  7. We don't have GW in our area -a Salvation Army Thrift store and Catholic Charity. When I have been to Goodwill-I know what you mean about pricing. It's fun to be surprised about what you'll find-that's why I love to shop thrift stores more than anything! Have a great week!

  8. I find the most incredible prices at the GW. There is no rhyme or reason except that they price many items on a whim by a dozen different people. Occasionally you win which is why I still stop in and look around. One thing I dislike is that ours is looking more like Big Lots anymore with rows and rows of bought out merch...much of which is priced pretty high but is all junk.

  9. thank you so much for linking up over at cap creations! i love the embroidery detail on the girl. adds a great pop of color.