January 3, 2012

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

1942 Unusual Pet

2012 pot-bellied pigs are acceptable pets

1967 Mod Home Design

2012 Missoni  Home Design


  1. Yep.... You are so right. Hang on to things long enough & it will come back in vogue!
    Have a Great Day!!

  2. Don't you love how things have a way of comin' round again?
    Shag haircuts by Vidal Sassoon are the new layered... bellbottoms became flares.

    Thanks for the visit on Blue Monday... my Pyrex snowflakes is not new, it was my mom's. It has baked many casseroles but has never seen the inside of a dishwasher. I should have posted my other one as well. Don't know what I was thinking. It is the Lace Medallion print ~ white on blue.

    Have a great day!

  3. What do you think the pet of 2012 will be?

  4. I think more startling than the pig is the woman wearing no bra. What was she thinking lol.

  5. I still like the 1967 Mod home. Back then I didn't think it could ever look dated!

  6. So weird-I was just coming over to visit when I saw your comment!! Your post is so true-history will repeat itself-like fashion! Working on your package-hope to get it out soon!