January 4, 2012

Meet the Goodwill Guy from YouTube

Everyone raves about YouTube for finding out how to do something, make something, cook something, sing a song, showcase talented kids, and a whole lot more.

In the past, I have not taken the time to use this resource but today I sat down and typed in a few things that interest me like Goodwill.  Here, are a few YouTube videos that made my day.
Goodwill Guy on YouTube what a hoot!


  1. Those are really fun, aren't they! And I use YouTube to find out how to do certain knitting stitches, how to grow certain plants, etc. etc. What did we ever do before YouTube!! :-)

    Glad you enjoyed the English language poem. I had another similar one years ago, but this one is so long and makes one realize just how difficult English is for the non native speaker!

  2. I scored a George Foreman Grill for my college age son for $3 at GW! (Your Illinois Niece)

  3. Well, that made me laugh. A good way to start the day.

  4. Thanks for sharing these. I've always said you"ll find things you never knew you wanted at the thrift. So glad Goodwill agrees!

    <3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  5. i never knew GW had ads :) i can only wish we have GW here.

  6. Funny! I do a lot of that- buying stuff I didn't know I needed! That's why my garage can't fit any cars in it. Thanks for sharing!