January 1, 2012

2012, cliche for the year

My mother always had a little saying for everything when she wanted to make her point. These are the sayings that linger in my mind to this day.

Don't cross your eyes - they'll get stuck that way.
A stitch in time saves nine.
Don't hit your mother or your hand will stick out of your grave. I must have been a hitter when younger.
Curiosity killed the cat. Sounds as if  I was nosey.
Third times a charm. 

I find myself repeating some of these same cliches to my children and grandchildren. Sorry kids, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

This is a photo of my mother with her sisters and brother.
My mother is the young girl sitting on the table. (second on the left)

 My sister has a cliche for the whole year. I remember 2010, my sister's favorite saying would be; "Who gives a rat's ass." By the end of 2010, after I told her a story or one of my problems, I would end with...
"I know who gives a rat's ass." because I knew that's what she would say.

In 2011,  it changed to, "It is what it is." Well of course it is, but can't we change it or bitch about it! She would just repeat the phrase. Frustrating!

It appears that the catch phrase for 2012, has become "Just let it go." My sister has the ability to let things slide right off her back, another mom saying, I missed that gene.

This morning while drinking my first cup of coffee, I get a phone call from my sweet sister, reading me an article Manner Up! from the insert Parade in today's Sunday newspaper. It's a Q & A column, and it appears that the writer of the column also embraces my sisters 2012 catch phrase. She ends her answer to the writer's question with, Let it go.

So it's official my sisters catch phrase or 2012 is ....

photo via Smile Maker
maybe this truly is sound advice.


  1. Phrases have a way of catching on. When my one cousin and I get together it seems we have a phrase for the weekend...we have been keeping track of them since the 1980's. What a hoot.

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful picture of your mother and her siblings.

  2. I enjoyed seeing the photo of your mum and her family. My mum and dad have a wealth of sayings, I must try and think of some and jot them down sometime, but I do occasionally find myself saying one of them and thinking 'I really am turning into my mum'.

  3. LOL, and it looks like you get to be the one to christian the cliche!

    "Let it Go" Maybe I will try this one myself this year.

    Love the photo!

  4. Never heard the one about hitting your mother. I have heard all the rest so it was very common from past generations.

  5. "Let it go" sounds like good advice... in certain instances.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Looking around yours, I think we just may be kindred spirits! Love my thrift stores and bargains!
    Happy New Year!

  6. Lovely photo of your family. I,ve never heard the phrase let it go, that's new to me and maybe I'll try it.

    Thank you for sharing and all the best for 2012.