January 13, 2012

I knew it was coming...

You either love it, or you hate it - I don't think there is an in between. What am talking about; S*N*O*W*! The first major snow fall of the year.

Yesterday in my area it was 52 degrees outside, people were wearing shorts while walking the dog, and jogging. Spring jackets and sweat shirts were worn instead of bulky winter coats while riding bikes around the neighborhood. 

Today we have a winter weather advisory with gusty winds and temperatures around 25 degrees. 

I enjoy seeing the children playing in the fluffy white snow, and I'm happy for the ski resorts that can now fill the slopes with skiers and snowboarders. Snowmobilers can zip through the empty fields, and businesses that provide snowplowing service can make some money, along with the teenager who will shovel your walk for $20.00.

So, I welcome winter to Wisconsin, I am preparing myself for the shoveling that will need to be done this morning. 

I like using vintage items, but rest assured I will not 
be using a face protector like this while shoveling.
This face protector was once sold in Canada around 1939.


  1. We were 40 this a.m. but we are dropping in temps now & the rain will soon turn to snow. We are to get several inches today!!
    Stay Warm....

  2. Finally cold down here in Nebraska, too. I was enjoying the unseasonably warm temps. Love your images today! I'm with you on the face protector!

  3. Those are so funny-can't imagine wearing those!!!

  4. We moved to Florida last summer to avoid the winter snow and freezing temps. Not just because we are wimps, which we are, but for my husbands health also. He chokes when breathing cold air. That being said, I have had a hard time gloating over our lovely weather thus far since everyone else was having it too!

  5. Yeah, boy is it cold here. And yesterday it was cold AND windy. 8 degrees on the thermometer and biting cold wind. But, it's been a short winter so far with a wonderful January. We couldn't expect much more. I wonder if those face protectors were a big seller. ;-)

    Thanks for stopping in at Cranberry Morning. Always appreciate your comments. ♥

  6. Amazing how the weather can change so quickly.It was very cold and frosty here this morning but very sunny, lovely to take my granddaughter for a walk in her pram.The forecast here is for more of the same.Snow does look pretty but the UK dont cope very well with much of it, everything grinds to a halt!!

  7. We have frost that gives the feel/look of light snow but so far not the real stuff. It was -4 degress C this morning and frost covered everything, lots of white and on the higher elevations very foggy until the sun broke through as the morning wore on.

  8. It was 21 degrees F here yesterday and not much warmer today but I just knew that the snow would wait for me to get home and then let us have it. Storm is coming in next week just after your storms abate. Where is there skiing in Wisconsin?

    1. In the county west, of my town is Wilmot Ski Hills. That's where my children learned how to ski.

  9. I love the picture of the snowman.
    Those cones are funky!