January 25, 2012

Light Bulbs become Sculptures

With so many talented crafters, and designers, mundane items are now being repurposed into fabulous items that can decorate our homes. Case in point the light bulb.
Camilla from Family Chic has designed some light bulb decore
burned out light bulbs

 hot glue gun

imagination, and design sense

light bulb sculpture

 this is my favorite

Visit Family Chic for her tutorial


  1. Clever stuff, huh!

    thanks for stopping in at Cranberry Morning! ♥

  2. Back to my grandma's era; they never threw anything away - just found a use for them.

  3. Fabulous, whacky ideas, who would have thought of doing that with them? X

  4. Love that they are repurposing something we use everyday. I found a neat christmas wreath on pinterest repurposing christmas bulbs. I'll be on the search for old ones next year-great share! Hope things are good with you!