January 2, 2012

Sprucing up my computer

I have read some stories from blogger friends that were MIA for several days even weeks because of computer problems. Today I am making time for several computer chores, and perhaps I can avoid the  heart break of lost photos and important documents.

Today I will want to...

•Back up my hard drive using, a flash drive, external hard drive, and start using the cloud.

•Clean off the desktop of items no longer useful and storing all items in the proper folder.

•Clean out download folder and empty trash.

•Remove applications no longer used 
•Clean up cookies and temp internet files 
•Check bookmarks, and trash the ones that no longer work or I don't use


•Clean out my email accounts by;
•Deleting all SENT/draft emails that I no longer need
•Saving important email in folders that are labeled
•Deleting emails that are not necessary
•Emptying my email trash

My final project on the computer will be wiping the monitor, keyboard, and mouse, of finger prints, dust, and  little chunks that my little grandchildren have left for me. 

When this project is finished I will have freed up some disk space with hopes that my computer will run a little faster.

Have you backed up your computer lately?


  1. Yep... Yep.... I too have been doing this!!
    Have a Great Week!!

  2. My you are in a cleaning mode! I have an external hard drive.that backs up my computer automatically. Darla suggested I hat one right after I purchased my computer.

  3. Wow you put me to shame. I know how to type and upload photos and that is about it.My husband does everything else! I'm not very computer minded, its a miracle I have managed my blog!!!

  4. Good girl! I should maybe have done the same myself, but.......maybe tomorrow.

    Wish you all the very best for 2012.

  5. I am bad about not backing things up but love the cloud! I will never lose a picture of my kiddo's again due to a crash!c Best part is no matter which device we use it ends up together...with no effort.