October 16, 2011

Thrift Share and a Give Away

Whew what a week! I'm having a new roof and gutters installed on my house and garage, and it has been noisy and messy around here. Hopefully they will be done early this week, and peace and quiet will reign once again.

 I have recently joined  Cap Creations thrift store link party and want to thank her for featuring one of my thrift finds this week. Everyone is invited to participate come on over to the party at Cap Creations.

I did sneak away for a few minutes to visit the GW Boutique (Goodwill Store) near my house and found a few things that I liked.

I found this Lea Stein made in Paris pin sitting on the shelf with the 
costume jewelry for $1.99. It has a few wear spots, but I can still wear it. I don't 
know much about her  jewelry except that some pieces are highly collectable. 
If you have any knowledge about this pin, I would appreciate any information 
that you could give me.

This is the first glass cloche that I have found while thrifting.
It is heavy glass and has an imprint of a bug on both sides.
It stands 12 inches high (from the tip of the ball handle) and has a 9 inch opening.
Perfect for a Halloween display. At $1.99 how could I pass it up.

I was very excited to find this 16 X 16 Embellish Your Story black 
magnetic memo board with 3 winter theme magnets all for $2.99.
The memo board has two hooks, so you can hang it on your wall to 
display a photo collage, use it for an inspiration board about future
blogs you would like to write, or just for memos and to do list.

My blog has had 10,000 visitors! 
To thank you for stopping by and
visiting The Cheerful Thrift Door
I am giving away the glass cloche 
 and the Embellish Your Story 
magnetic memo board.

To enter the give away become one of my followers and leave me a comment and on Friday, October 21, 2011 I will choose the winner. The winner will be notified by email so mailing information can be exchanged.  Thank you everyone for stopping by my blog. ❤

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  1. Lovely finds! What a coincidence....we had a new roof and gutters put on our home this past week, too. I'm glad the job is finished.

  2. Ooh, loved the cloche as soon as I saw the insect and thought: "What a lucky find!" (I'm an entomologist!)

    Been reading for a while and realized I wasn't a follower (corrected!:)

  3. Hey there! Thanks so much for linking up over at Cap Creations again! And for the shout out! The cloche you picked up is fantastic. Isn't it fun to go out and find such great things?

  4. Congratulation on all your visitors - that's some achievement!

    I suspect I can't enter this great competition as I'm in the UK, however, I ADORE your glass cloche and the memo board is so unsual. Great finds, so thank you for linking up with me x

  5. some lovely finds, I really love the cloche and have been on the look out for one for a while but they very rarely come up for sale :)

  6. Interesting pin that you found. How big is the cloche? I am already a follower so do we count too?

  7. Love the glass cloche. I have been looking for one for years, but haven't had any luck here in my neck of the woods. And, of course, I am a follower.

  8. Congratulations on 10,000 visits to your blog! That is outstanding!!

    I have never seen a cloche in my thrifting adventures. You found a really cool one for a super price. Wow!

  9. Wish I was not in UK as I love both your giveaways esp the memo board thingy.

  10. wow that cloche is AMAZING and so big!!

  11. some great finds...i often forget to look at the costume jewelry
    put me in for the drawing, please ;)