July 31, 2011

Thrift Finds

 I ♥ church rummage sales. These sales have a wonderful mix of items, the prices are reasonable, I never leave empty handed, and I am never disappointed.

I spotted the Pink Flamingo cake pan priced for only $2.00 and snatched it up.
The cake pan is my fifth piece of Pyres. Does this mean I am now a collector?

I was walking to the pay station when I spotted this cheerful plate 
and imagined many uses for it.  I was surprised to see that it was a Pyrex plate. 
I don't know if this is a new item or vintage piece. Either way I love it!

At a family run Estate sale I found a few things that I really, really liked.

This make-up suitcase measures 10 x 14 x 6. Has the owners initials embossed on the front, and came with five glass containers with elastic bands that hold them in place.

Hoping this wish bone pin will bring me good luck, and I think it's cute.

This Wagner Ware cast iron pan was only 25¢. This cast iron pan was loved  had no rust and was well seasoned.  I took it home gave it a good wash up and made hamburgers and onions in this pan. 

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July 29, 2011

Thrifted Memories

I shared with you one of my thrifty treasures the S'Mores Maker and the problems I have had finding Sterno.  Thanks to all people who left me comments and told me where Sterno was available, I finally found some.  My grandson, Declan has asked me several times to come over and use the S'Mores Maker. This is how we  made sweet, gooey, crunchy, and delicious S'Mores with my thrifty find.
Purchased at St. Vincent DePaul's thrift store.
The S'Mores Maker was brand new, never removed from the box.
The necessary fuel that is needed to use the S'More Maker.

Getting ready for fun.

Declan likes his marshmallows well done. 

Yummy  S'mores 

My thrift find helped Declan and I make a nice memory.

July 27, 2011


A picture is worth a thousand words...

July 26, 2011

My Summer Reading

"Never judge a book by its cover." I know that it's not right to prejudge the worth of something by its appearance, but I cannot seem to read a book that has a cover I don't like. Thank goodness I liked the covers on the books that I read this weekend!

I have been seeing commercials for the movie "The Help" that will be in theaters on August 10th, and I have seen the book at an airport store.  I never really thought too much about the movie or the book. While shopping at Costco last weekend, I decided to browse the book section.  "The Help" a novel by Kathryn Stockett was stacked high, and I picked up the book so, I could read the synopsis.  While I was reading the back cover, a woman told me what a wonderful book it was. I decided to take a chance.  I enjoyed this book very much, and will see the movie when it hits the theater. 

I always miss the characters in a book for several days after I finish reading any book.  Does anyone else have this happen to them after finishing a book?

While perusing my facebook page, I saw a post about "Saving CeeCee Honeycutt" by Beth Hoffman. I went to our libraries home page and checked for availability. One copy was just waiting for me, off I went to check out this book.  Saturday afternoon into the late evening I sat and read.  First thing Sunday morning I made a cup of coffee and sat down and finished the book.  Loved it!

now realize that not only do I judge a book by its cover, I also listen to what other peoples opinions are about books. For your summer reading, I recommend these two books. Has anyone else read these books and loved them like I did?  Or perhaps you didn't like them.  Let me know, leave a comment.

I'm looking for a good book to read when I go on vacation next week.  
Any suggestions? Remember the cover has to be pretty, and you have to love it.

July 24, 2011

Thrifty Treasures

I have learned or should a say relearned a valuable lesson about buying  electrical items at rummage sales, estate sales, or thrift stores.

On Thursday morning, I woke up at 5:30 A.M. and got myself ready for the short drive to Illinois to met my sweet sister for Saint Ignatius church rummage sale. Thursday was opening day for this huge three day rummage sale. The sale started at seven and as we pulled into the grassy field to park the car, the long line of people started to move/run into the tents.

Housed in a large tent was all the furniture, I saw tables of all types, kitchen, dinning, end, and patio. Dressers, chairs, sofas, bed frames, you name the type of furniture and, I believe they had it. The prices were high, and I moved on to fill a bag for  five dollar tent. A quick scan and, I moved on to the household items located in a pole barn. Dishes, glasses, bread machines, and my eyes saw the box that contained the Thunder Stick. I remember the infomercial that featured the lady that made whipped cream from skim milk, and peanuts into homemade peanut butter.

The Thunder Stick, deluxe multi-purpose blender system.

Since the instruction manual was inside the box, I did a quick check to make sure all the parts were there. Everything was there and for $3.00 it was mine.  I came home washed all of the pieces, and I was set to whip up a smoothie using the aerator blade with my Thunder Stick. Dead, no power. I changed outlets, scanned the manual for trouble-shooting tips. Zip, nothing, nada.  I decided to call the 800 number on the back of the manual, the phone number is disconnected.  Moral of this too long story is, find an electrical outlet and check to make sure your item is in working condition.

Inside the building that was air conditioned, (we were having a heat wave) was clothes, shoes and linens.  I found these pillow cases for fifty cents each.  

These cross stitch pillow cases caught my eye.

Although there was only one butterfly 
pillow case, I couldn't pass it up.

Beautiful hand embroidery.

Three pottery nesting bowls with a snow flake design,
The Art Box note cards, and a yellow and red 
leather purse. These items came to $5.00.

This vintage Christmas stocking kit was a sentimental purchase.  
My family would drive to Elgin, Illinois to the Lee Wards 
store a couple of times a year for craft supplies. So for only 59¢, 
I picked up the stocking, but now that I look at it... it's ugly! 

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July 21, 2011

Car Baked Cookies

A television weather man from WEAU 13, Mark Holley from Eau Claire, Wisconsin decided to do a weather experiment Wednesday.  Here is the story.....





The cookies were removed from the car.
The pan was so hot oven mitts were needed.

Here, are what the car baked cookies looked like.

Cookies anyone?

This experiment helped all of us in Wisconsin pass the time
during this extremely hot, hot, hot, humid day.
Thanks WEAU 13 News for the fun experiment.

Is it as hot in your area? Want to do your own weather experiment.
Visit Baking Bites for car baked chocolate chip cookies, step by step directions.

July 20, 2011


We're having a humid and hot heat wave...

July 19, 2011

Sweet Tables at an Engagement Party

My very good friend invited about forty people for and engagement party for her son and future daughter in law on Sunday afternoon. The restaurant was located on the shore of Lake Michigan on a hill that provided a beautiful view from the wrap around windows in the dining room.  The food was okay, the service slow, but the sweet tables were loaded with homemade goodness. It is customary with my friend to have a dessert table at all of her functions.  We all leave with a box full of treats, and this function was no different.

Two six feet tables displayed all of the desserts.

Chocolate frosted Biscotti, Cream Cheese Tarts with Cherries
a heart shaped coffee cake, and some brownies.

Cute heart shape coffee cake, nice touch.

Biscotti went great with the coffee.

Eclairs, Cream Puffs, Brownies, and Curly Cut Cookies.
My friend has always called these curly cut cookies
 they may have a different name that I am unaware of. 
These beauties only are made
for special occasions.

Curly Cut Cookies

A small piece of happiness.

More biscotti in different flavors and rice krispie treats frosted in chocolate.


To ensure we all had enough dessert a candy bar with to go bags. 

I came home with several types of biscotti and of course curly cut cookies.  
Anyone care to come over for some coffee and biscotti?