July 24, 2012

Sister Wives

I enjoy watching reality shows, Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef, American Pickers, and Sister Wives are a few that I watch.

On the season finale of Sister Wives, several weeks ago, the Brown family, who are polygamists, promoted their book "Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage." 

During the weekly television show, we are shown how the Brown family that consists of one husband, four wives, seventeen children manage their polygamists life style.

While I do not believe in this life style, I find it fascinating and wanted to learn more about why their religion believed in plural marriage. I checked online to see if my local library had this book, and to my surprise there was a waiting list. I was number three on the waiting list for this book. After five weeks, I got the email that I could come and pick up the book.

Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown tell us in their own words, how through their religious beliefs they became a family, along with the struggles, joys, and jealousies.

The book is divided into sections with each wife writing, or giving their view point about Kody, raising children, and jealousies.

It took me less than twenty four hours to read this book, and I got some insight into this life style. While they talk about  'the principle' of plural marriage in the book and how they all believe that they were called to this lifestyle by a higher power. I gained no knowledge of why 'the principle' is so important to this religion.

While the ladies all write about trust, forgiveness, commitment, and acceptance, I get the idea that if it weren't for their religious beliefs in 'the principle', they would not be friends.

If you're a fan of the show you will gain some insight into the ladies and how they met Kody, but if you are looking for religious explanations of plural marriage or 'the principal' you won't find it in this book.

July 22, 2012

Thrift Share

Do your have a routine when you treasure seek? I do, when I shop at the GW Boutique (Goodwill) I always head for housewares, I always check for Pyrex, children's toys, after these areas I check out the rest of the store in no particular order. When I'm at an estate sale I always head to the bedrooms for linens, vintage clothes, and next I will continue to the basement where I think all the treasures are. I love to dig in boxes and inside cabinets.

I was extremely excited that my thrift share from last week was featured on the blog Cap Creations, stop over and join the Thrifty Party at Cap Creations. Double excitement my Staffordshire English ironstone dishes were also featured  on Southern Hospitality blog written by Rhonda. She hosts Thrifty Treasures, jump over and join her fabulous party.

While thrift shopping this week I found a few items...

Such fun bright colored stripped Shiny Brite ornaments.
I don't know how old these are, but I think they are FUN!

Curves, angles, and ridges along with the color
teal made me grab this pitcher. I have no ideas
who the manufacturer is or how old.  If you
know,  the origins of this piece I would
appreciate any  information you could give me.

I was also able to find some useful items at thrift store prices that I was going to purchase at one the chain store. 

What did you find this week while thrift shopping? I can't wait to see all of your treasures. 

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July 18, 2012

1954 ~ Cinderella Book

I love ephemera, especially children's books. I was thrilled to find this 1954, Wonder Book retold by Evelyn Andreas, at an estate sale a few weeks ago. The illustrations by Ruth Ives are elegant, rich in color, and for me depicts what a princess should look like.

Front cover of Wonder Book circa 1954 Cinderella.
The fairy godmother in this story book is stunning.
With a dazzling wand and delicate wings, every girl would
 like to have a fairy godmother that looked like her.

Who is more lovely, the fairy godmother or Cinderella?
"Indeed, Cinderella and the Prince were the handsomest couple on the dance floor."
While the stepsisters are wearing beautiful gowns, notice how
the illustrator Ruth Ives depicts jealousy, and envy in their faces.
Gazing into each others eyes, holing hands in the forest
equals happily ever after in story books.

July 17, 2012

There are many festivals that happen all summer long in and around my hometown, my favorites are the church festivals. Last weekend was my favorite festival hosted at  Mt. Carmel Catholic Church.

I look forward to this festival because two nuns from Vietnam make the BEST Vietnam Egg Rolls, and every year I buy many, I love them.

Delicate and crunchy on the outside.

Filled with vegetables and meat on the inside.
Would this be the most healthy of choices, nope, but once a year it is the best treat!

During the year donation are dropped off by church members for the White Elephant Sale (essentially a rummage sale)  that takes place every year during the three day festival. I also look forward to this sale every year. 

When you enter the tented area tables are filled with items that are thrown placed on the tables any which way. Boxes of goodies are under the table filled to the brim with treasures if you have the time and patience to dig through them. Most items are priced twenty five cents, fifty cents, and one dollar. If an item is not marked you just ask one of the volunteers for a price. You get three different prices from each lady, and finally a price is determined.

This is what I found, a box full of neatly folded and pressed aprons.

Who wouldn't want to wear this cheerful looking apron.
Pink centered daisies from the 60's.
Every apron needs a pocket. 
The muted pink and blue flowers create a stunning apron.
This apron makes me think of a farm kitchen. 
A point at the center of the bottom of the apron adds a little charm.
Voile must be used for hostess aprons.
Love the high waisted point.
This voile apron has handkerchief pockets.
Sweet lily of the valley flowers.
Voile apron with a high waist.
Appliqued flowers inside the waist band,
and hemline adds subtle drama to this apron.
Pink voile full apron.
The apron strings make a pretty bow. 
The back reminds me of a sailor's shirt.
This is such a cute apron.

Of course, these handmade aprons were not priced, the three ladies decided that the cost would be one dollar for each apron. I gladly paid and brought my treasures home. Can't wait till next years festival, what treasures will await me at the next White Elephant sale?

July 15, 2012

Thrift Share

I wasn't planning on doing any thrift shopping this week, but while driving home from the grocery store I spotted a rummage sale. Of course, I stopped to take a gander at what was for sale.

Children's clothes, toys, miscellaneous doodads, and sitting on the edge of the cement driveway I saw these boxes.

Mom's china could mean vintage china.

I caught a glimpse of the pattern and knew that it was Staffordshire, I had seen the pattern before but didn't know the name. I wasn't in the market for any more dinnerware, but I asked the question.

Me:  How much do you want for the china? 
Rummage sale lady: I meant to mark that, how about $15.00. 
Me:  Do you know how many place settings there are?
Rummage sale lady: I think there are eight inside those two boxes.

So, without unwrapping all the dishes in the boxes I paid and brought them home.

This is the pattern I saw peeking out
from the newspaper: it's called
Yorkshire, made in Staffordshire England.
Eleven place settings, dinner plate, salad plate,
bowl, and saucer and cup.
Butter dish.

Gravy boat.

Creamer and sugar bowl.

Two oval serving platters.

Two vegetable bowls.

This is the markings on the bottom of the dishes.

Sixty three pieces of stunning dishes, all for $15.00.
I paid 25 cents per piece. 
What did you find this week while thrift shopping? I can't wait to see all of your treasures. 

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July 12, 2012

Purpose of my vintage receipt book...

Ephemera \i-ˈfe-mər-ə\
especially vintage 
I ♥

Vintage unused receipt book $1.00 from an estate sale.

Immediately was attracted to the font, and the dot perforations.

Watermark of  a proud eagle with his
wings spread wide sits in the center of
this dove gray paper receipt.
How will I use this booklet of receipts
gift tags!

July 10, 2012

Button, Button Who's Got the Button? Me!

How sad I was to see my friends face as I walked up the driveway of her childhood home, the strain of removing items from her fathers house was evident. From the driveway, we looked at the two story saltbox house, and she pointed to the far right window indicating that was her bedroom while growing.

The family home sold quickly, and they had two weeks to remove the contains of the house. After the family went through the house and removed items they wanted, I was invited over to see if I wanted anything. She knows how much I love vintage. Not much left, she said just some junk.

I spotted the red tin sitting under some papers, and was delighted when I opened it up and found all of the buttons.
This tin sat on the shelf under some papers.

A tin full of buttons.

All shapes, sizes, and colors.

Love the pink and red buttons.

Texture and shapes make these buttons interesting.

I separated the white buttons.

I liked how the buttons feel in my hands. 

Buttons with two holes, four holes,
and holes  at the top.
My tin full of buttons.

And she said there was just some junk left! Button, button who's got the button? I do!

July 8, 2012

Thrift Share

There is something about pink Pyrex that I just adore. When I saw the pink gooseberry Pyrex refrigerator dish tucked in a corner at the estate sale I couldn't believe my eyes. This is my second piece of pink Pyrex, and it has taken me over a year to acquire two pink pieces. I was so excited to find a pink piece with a lid that I just grabbed it, later when I got home and looked at this sweet piece I noticed that there was a chip in the corner of the lid, but you know what I would have bought it anyway. I love pink Pyrex!

Pyrex 1.5 quart Pink Gooseberry refrigerator dish.

I appreciate all kinds of needlework, but I'm particularly fond of embroidery. This is a lovely piece that someone finished embroidering but never framed it or made it into a pillow. Since I live in Wisconsin, I decided to make it into a pillow and display it on my grandfather's rocking chair.  

Neat and tiny stitches were sewn by its maker.

Delightful vintage child's dress with white embroidery, just lovely.

I appreciate the tuck work of the bodice.
The work on the hem line is amazing.
A child's apron or perhaps a bid was lovingly made for a special little girl.

Handmade child's apron/bib.

The apron lifts up.

I have a new passion for vintage silverware, I like how it feels when I hold it, and I think that the patterns on these pieces are stunning. These pieces were ten cents each.

Each butter knife has a different shape, my favorite is the butter knife with the point.

Looking forward to see what everyone else found this week.

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