November 30, 2011

Texting Gloves - I Need Some

Yesterday was a blustery day in southern Wisconsin and was the first time I needed to wear gloves to keep my hands nice and warm. While in my backyard, retrieving my garbage cans that were being tossed around like a beach ball from the wind my cell phone rang. I pulled it out of my coat pocket and touched the screen to answer my call and discovered you cannot use your touchscreen phone when you are wearing gloves. 
Who knew? To my surprise many people knew and, in fact, have found a way to make gloves so your hands are warm and you can use your touchscreen phone.
One option comes from Michael Kors who makes a Jersey Stitch Texting Glove with a fold over thumb and pointer finger.

I'm guessing that you stick your finger out of the slit, so you can answer your phone or text. I think it might be easier to  take your glove off using your teeth while driving instead of poking your finger out of a slit.
Isotoner has smarTouch Gloves that lets you to keep all of your fingers and thumb inside of the glove and allows you to use most touchscreen devices.

Just from looking at the photo it appears that the index finger and thumb have something on it that will allow you to answer your touchscreen phone. You don't have to take these off. smarTouch gloves for men and women can be purchased knitted, made with leather, and with the famous Isotoner stretch material. 
Upon further investigation, which actually means I used google, I found that some gloves have tips on all ten digits.

Pictured gloves - Five Point Gloves

Perhaps you have a fondness for a certain pair of gloves but you still need to use your touchscreen phone. Don't worry someone made Glove Tips, so you can still use your favorite pair of gloves!

Consumers can watch You Tube videos that will demo the Glove Tips, How Glove Tips Work, wouldn't that be the same as a demo, and How to install Glove Tips.
Because of the blustery weather I now I have some gift ideas for loved ones and friends who love to text. I just need to decide which texting gloves to buy. Any suggestions?

PS - I am not advocating using any kind of mobile device while driving. In the state of Wisconsin, you will receive a citation for texting while driving. While I am sometimes guilty of talking on my cell phone, when I am driving I do realize that it is dangerous for others and myself.
However, there are times when I am wearing gloves and NOT driving that I need to use my touchscreen phone. That is why I posted this blog about texting gloves.

November 29, 2011

Who won a giveaway?

This morning started off with an email sent by Mandie from the blog Millie Morgan Media informing me who the winner was of her giveaway. Guess who won...

it was me!

This is the first time I have won a giveaway. Isn't the headband cute? It will look so lovely on my sweet little granddaughter LuLu Bell. 

Take a few moments and checkout Mandie's blog at Millie Morgan Media. 

Thank you Mandie for the headband and for starting my week off with such a marvellous surprise.


November 27, 2011

Thrift Share

It has been an extremely busy week preparing for Thanksgiving, and wee morning shopping to snag the Black Friday deals, but I did manage to sneak in a visit to the GW Boutique.

While I was searching the racks, I saw a sales clerk place an item on the shelf that interested me. I scurried over and swiftly picked up this.

This briefcase is made of top grain cowhide according to the label on the inside of this bag. I like the wear that is on the underside of the handle. Makes me wonder what kind of places this briefcase has been to.

 The inside of the bag has three compartments that separates items, and places to hold pens and pencils. Tucked inside the briefcase I found these three items...

Horses and Riders of the Old West by Ernest Tonk is a how to draw book with beautiful illustrations.

There were also two envelopes Pictures in full color from Friendly Animals by Percy Reeves...

I find nothing friendly about this European Wildcat.

This illustration of Wolves have a happy family life is charming I certainly would not want to meet them in a wooded area or call them friendly.

The second envelope contained Animal Ancestors by Walter Alois Weber.

The wild ass of North Africa is the forbear of 
the donkey according to the back of this illustration.

Domestic cats are directly descended from the Egyptian wild cat.

From the call, of the wild to the love of home. The wolf. The Collie dog.
All of these lovely treasures and priced at $2.99. I love thrift shopping!

Looking forward to see what everyone else found this week.

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November 26, 2011

Chicago Cookbook Signing

The reason for my trip to Chicago was to attend the book signing of  The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook by Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge at the Williams-Sonoma located at 900 North Michigan Shops on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, Illinois.

Williams-Sonoma located on the second
 floor of 900 North Michigan Shops 
where  cookbook were  to be signed.

The sign inside the store advertising
the book signing with the Beekman Boys.

As one o'clock quickly approached my friend, and I headed towards 900 North Michigan Shops, my backpack firmly in place with the cookbook that was to be signed within, I zigged and zagged through the crowded street until I reached Williams-Sonoma. I quickly found the location of the book signing and was second in line.

This was the signing area.

Shortly the line behind me began to grow, and the area became very crowded. I talked with the man in front of me and the two ladies behind me. The ladies behind me were from Wisconsin,  just like me. One of them had two pet goats, for those of you who are not familiar with the Beekman Boys, Josh and Brent make goat cheese called Blaak cheese, and goat soap from the milk that is produced by the goats on the Beekman farm. She was a hugh fan of the Beekman Boys she wore a tee shirt, had a tote bag, and even brought a photo of her goats to share with them.

This is a photo of her goat reading 
the cookbook by Josh and Brent.

My friend who could have cared less about the book signing sat in a lounge area outside the store. Around 1:30 p.m. I received a text from my friend informing me that she just saw Josh and Brent entering the store. Of course, I shared this information with my new friends, and we all asked each other to take photos of the signing with our respective phones and cameras.  

As I was talking to the man first in line, I saw them approach the signing area. They were twenty minutes early for the signing! A store employee was assigned to take photos for the customers how nice of them, I thought until I say the photo.

Josh on the left, me, Brent.
This was taken by the store employee.

This was taken by my friend.
Both are awful in my opinion.

 Josh signing my cookbook.

I was thrilled to have had my cookbook signed, have a photo taken (even if it is an awful photo of me), and to have chatted with them for a few seconds.  

You don't know who Josh and Brent are? Just click on the link:  Meet Josh and Brent. Visit the Beekman 1802 website at:
Even Martha Stewart (Josh use to work for her) visited The Beekman Farm.  Just click on the link: Martha Stewart visits the Beekman Farm.

I have just finished reading The Bucolic Plague: How Two Manhattanites Became Gentlemen Farmers - An Unconventional Memoir written by Josh Kilmer-Purcel.

This memoir takes the reader from the purchase of the farm through the ups and downs of the first two years, and everything in between. A quick entertaining read.

I was ready to head back to Wisconsin on the 4:35 p.m. train. It was a fantastic time I loved my visit to downtown Chicago.

Next week I am returning to the windy city for the Christkindlmarket I can't wait!

November 23, 2011

Chicago Visit Part II

After our experience at the Walnut Room, we headed to Garrett Popcorn Shop for some of the best tasting popcorn around. I always get the Chicago mix, which consists of cheese flavored popcorn, and carmel corn mixed together. I might add all of the popcorn is fresh, and many times the carmel corn is still warm. *sigh*

Chicago Mix from Garrett's

We were very lucky the line was short, and we were 
in and out with our bags of popcorn within 15 minutes.

Later in the day the line was very long.

We hailed a cab and headed to the Magnificent Mile, Michigan Ave. I needed to purchase something for my friend who couldn't make the trip at American Girl. The people, the children, and the dolls were everywhere. Thank goodness what I needed was on the first floor.

Crate & Barrel with three floors of wonderful goodies was next. I made a mental note of everything I liked and put it on my thrift shopping wanted lists. Why pay retail when you can pay thrift prices.

It was approaching 1 o'clock, and I headed towards Williams-Sonma for...

This was the purpose of my trip to Chicago.
The conclusion of my trip on Saturday.

November 22, 2011

Chicago Visit

Saturday morning I was up and dressed by 6:05 A.M. waiting to be picked up by my friend, so we could catch the 6:45 A.M. train to the windy city Chicago. Normally I would have been up and dressed so I could head out to an estate sale, but this weekend the events in Chicago were more important to me than a good estate sale. Two estate sales were scheduled in a neighboring town, and the items described for sales did peak my interest, but I had been waiting for November 19, 2011, and the events of this day.

Saturday's planned events were shopping (of course), having lunch at the Walnut Room and hoping to snag a seat near the 45 foot tall Christmas tree in the middle of the restaurant, purchasing Garrett's popcorn, having my cookbook The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook signed by the Beekman authors Josh and Brent, and the Magnificent Mile Festival of Lights Parade that kicks off the Christmas season.

After an hour and a half train ride we arrived at Ogilvie train station in the heart of Chicago. The station is  a short distance to State Street, so we walked the ten blocks, and it was our good fortune that the weather was very mild and, did, in fact, reach the low 50's that day.

When we turned left on State Street, we noticed a rather long line in front of the H&M store, and of course had to find out what was going on. We got in the line and waited for an opportunity to ask someone what was going on, everyone in the line was very young, and we were not, I asked the girl in front of us why everyone was queueing up. Today is the first day Versace is for sale at H&M. We quickly got out of line and went shopping at TJ Max.

Since we were up at the crack of dawn, to catch the train we decided to have an early lunch and went to see  how long the wait would be to eat at the Walnut Room inside of Macy's. We were seated rather quickly. This was the view from our table.

The decorated tree in the Walnut Room has been a tradition for 103 years. When the manager of the Walnut Room sent out a busboy to get a tree, so he could decorate the restaurant who knew it would start a tradition that has lasted all of these years. Of course, things have gotten bigger and better over the years.

This year The Great Tree, located in the center of the main dinning room, stands 45 feet tall, has 6,600 LED lights, and is adorned with 12,000 ornaments.

A close up of the ornaments on the tree.

Having lunch or dinner in the Walnut Room finds the room filled with couples, friends, families and children who make dinning at the restaurant a Christmas tradition.

Everyone stands in front of the tree for a photo op.

Of course, we were no different, the waitress 
took our picture but my eyes are closed :((

Walking around the room was a fairy that would sprinkle you with glittery dust spreading the spirit of Christmas. 

Spreading the Christmas spirit.

I enjoyed the atmosphere, the lunch, and spending time with a good friend.

Part two of my Chicago visit tomorrow.

November 20, 2011

Thrift Share

A plastic bag filled with lovely crochet and tatting patterns from the late 1940's - the early 1950's were sitting on a shelf at the GW Boutique (Goodwill) waiting for me. I have no earthly idea how to crochet or how to tat but I love to look at older books and magazines. It fascinates me how different today's instruction booklet are. Do people still crochet or tat edging on lingerie?

I use doilies under my laps on my end tables, and I 
collect and always carry a handkerchief in my purse.

Oh, the caroline lady...

The small instruction book on tatting makes me
want to give it a try. I love how in, 1947, they 
used a black and white photo but colored her 
nails, the shuttle, and the title red.

It says: Nothing is daintier and more feminine
than fine handmade lace edging your lingerie.

At an estate sale I found a bag filled with eight handkerchiefs, I could see what two look like but the rest were a mystery, so of course I had to buy the bag so I could see what the other six look like. These two were my favorites the others will be great for my purse when I need to wipe a grand child's nose.

I don't love the color choice but the 
pattern was sweet and looked familiar.... 

very similar edging to my handkerchief.

The edging on this one is just beautiful. Someone
was talented and took pride in their work.

Looking forward to see what everyone else found this week.

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