April 30, 2012

Vacation Time

My bags are packed, and I'm ready to go...
for a two week, fun filled vacation to Hawaii. 
I will be visiting three islands.

I'm looking forward to visiting these places;

Sugar Can Train
Maui Glass Bottom Boat Tour
Old Lahania Luau
Lavender Farm Tour and Picnic
Polynesian Culture Center
Pearl Harbor
and eating some great seafood

I will have my iPad with me so I can read my favorite blogs,
and I hope that I can blog a few times while I'm gone. 

April 28, 2012

NYC Municipal Archives of Photos

As I sipped my morning coffee, and read my local newspaper, I came across this article that caught my attention.
"The New York City Department of Records released 870,000 images of New York City and its municipal operations and made them available to the public via the Internet for the first time.
The photos come from the city's Municipal Archives collection, and they feature all manner of city oversight - from beautiful bridges to gruesome crime scenes." Source: associated press via Kenosha News
My curiosity peeked by what these photos would show I grabbed my iPad and quick found the link. NYC historical photos can be found here, but because of the high demand the site isn't working; however, they are working on fixing this problem.
Here, is an example of a few of photos that were shown in online newspapers...
Circa 1890 photo of a pair of girls walking
east along 42nd Street in New York
Courtesy New York City Municipal Archives

May 18th, 1940—6th Avenue and 40th Street.
Caption on photo reads: “Nazi Army Now 75 Miles From Paris."
Courtesy New York City Municipal Archives

Dec. 22, 1936 of a man looking at the Hudson River from the
New York tower of the George Washington Bridge
Courtesy New York City Municipal Archives

September 30th, 1936—"a man hands a program to baseball legend Babe Ruth,
center, as he is joined by his second wife Clare, center left, and singer Kate Smith,
front left, in the grandstand during Game 1 of the 1936 World Series at the Polo Grounds in New York."
Courtesy New York City Municipal Archives
I look forward to viewing these images that go back to the mid-1800's, hope they hurry up and fix the problem. 

April 26, 2012

Flavored Coffee, Mail, Blog Friendships

I can hear the mail truck approaching a half a block away, vroom stop, vroom stop, vroom stop, and when  the truck arrives at my mail box I hear the sound of the metal door slamming shut on my mailbox. This is a happy sound because I love mail; junk mail, cards, magazines, letters, even bills, but most of all I like packages.

Tammy from Tammy Loves Dishes told me a surprise package was on the way, I was anticipating the arrival of this package for several days, and on Tuesday, the package arrived.

I wish I would have taken a photo of the package, because Miss Tammy knows how to wrap a package securely. After several minutes, I got the package opened. I could smell my gift before I removed the tissue paper, it smelled divine.

I discovered the aroma was from a bag of flavored coffee, Coconut Crunch, from Duck's Cottage in North Carolina.

I wanted to taste this yummy smelling coffee right away, but I don't drink caffeine after 1 p.m. because I wouldn't be able to sleep.

I did, however, get my Keurig ready for my morning coffee, my re-useable filler cup, favorite coffee cup, spoon, and the Coconut Crunch coffee sat waiting on the counter until morning.

Waking up the next morning I made my cup of coffee.

As the smell of the brewed coffee filled the air I couldn't wait to taste this brew, and when I had my first sip of Coconut Crunch I was not disappointed. This flavored coffee tastes of coconut with just a hint of caramel. Yummy!

I went to the  Duck's Cottage website quickly realized that this coffee shop/bookstore is the places to visit when in the area. The Washington Post and the New York Times have both written articles about Duck Cottage.

Also, tucked inside the box was a re-useable cake tester, not only a useful item but beautiful, as well.

I met Tammy during my early days of blogging, even though we have never met face to face or talked on the phone, I feel a real connection with her, a friendship.

Thank you, Tammy, you have touched me with your kindness, thoughtfulness, generosity, and your friendship.

I would love to hear about any blog friendships you have made and visit their blog. The blogger community is filled with delightful ideas, stories, but most importantly are the people.  

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. Thank you to all that write blogs I enjoy reading them every day, I just want you to know that you are appreciated.

April 25, 2012

An Estate Sale with Memories

Walking up the sidewalk, I noticed the letter "Z" that decorated the brick chimney where the estate sale was being held. I notice all names that begin with "Z" because my maiden name started with that same letter. I was either last in line when the class had to line up in alphabetical order or first because they would sometime reverse the alphabet for the line up.

For some reason, when I enter a house, I hear my mothers voice; "Don't forget to wipe your feet!" and this practice has stayed with me all these years. I always wipe my feet when a doormat is available. As I entered the house I looked down at the doormat, and I saw my maiden name Zdanowicz. 

As I began my search for treasures, I noticed a plaque of the Polish eagle hanging in a place of honor in the living room. They must be of Polish descent and extremely proud of it, I thought. In the kitchen, I picked up an embroider flour sack bearing a name of my first cousins wife, and I was a bit surprised.

The basement confirmed that this indeed was the home of my first cousin Wally. My cousin Walter was conceived after my Uncle Walter came home from the war, but Wally never knew his father, Uncle Walter died from an illness he contracted while fighting during the war. Aunt Agnes of course gravitate towards her side of the family and so we were not close first cousin.

While, in the basement, I came across some loose black and white 8 X 10 wedding photos tossed in a box of assorted papers, I flipped through them and recognized the wedding photo of Aunt Agnes and Uncle Walter, I decided to purchase all of them just in case they were family members.

I called my cousin Ruth from Dian's Timpanalley who is the family genealogist, scanned the photo and emailed it to her. The bridesmaid on the right is my Aunt Stella and Ruth's grandmother. 

I also found a small framed photo that was priced at one dollar.

It was Uncle Walter and Aunt Angnes' wedding portrait.

We have also determined that the couple on the 
right in this photo is Eleanora and Wally.

I am so happy that I attended this estate sale, but I wonder what other family photos and treasures were purchased during the sale.

Here, are the remaining wedding photos that I believe are from Eleanora's side of the family.

I suspect that this is Eleanora's parents wedding portrait.

Unfortunately, I have no idea who the 
people are in these two photos.

This experience has encouraged me to sort through and identify all of my photos. This was an terribly sad estate sale for me.

April 24, 2012

Sassy Shoes for the Bride to Be

Bridal showers on a beautiful Sunday afternoon are often times tedious and last far too long, but not the one I attend this past weekend. I loved the 50's styled venue, you can read "A place Frank and Dino would have loved" and view photos of this 1950's supper club where the shower was held.

The bride to be, Jenny was aglow with happiness and anticipation for her upcoming destination wedding on May 4th, in Maui, Hawaii. (I will be attending this wedding, I leave for Maui on May 2nd and will return home on May 14th. This will be my first visit to Hawaii.) 

The bride to be wore a black dress with footwear that made a statement about her style and I along with everyone else loved her shoes!

The heels of her shoes were encrusted in pink Swarovski crystals that showcased her sassy personality. They added just the right amount of sparkle and color to her outfit.

I thought she had purchased the shoes with the crystals, but was informed that she added each Swarovski crystal by hand to the heels of each shoe. Total time spent on these fabulous shoes; three hours. Time well spent in my opinion, because these shoes were gorgeous!

I can't wait to see what her wedding shoes will look like!

This gives me ideas for jazzin' up my sweet LuLu Belles shoes, this little four year old just loves bling!

April 23, 2012

A place Frank and Dino would have loved...

I was invited to a bridal shower, and the venue was a restaurant with a  long history in our area.

Established in 1954, the HobNob has the ambiance
of the classic Wisconsin Supper Club.

The HobNob has been around for a long time. It opened on August 11, 1954, and it has been running as a Supper Club ever since. The decor is what you would expect of a 50's restaurant. The HobNob is located on the shore line of Lake Michigan and has a spectacular view of the lake in the main dinning room.

I walked around and snapped a few photos of the retro decor. 

The coat check area is the first thing you will see when 
you enter the restaurant. Very gold and shiny.

Tufted curved bench seating makes 
this booth look very cozy and comfy.

I can imagine the ladies all dressed up sitting 
on this sectional chatting, with each other. Of course,
they all would have martinis in their hands!

While the men enjoyed a drink at this bar

or perhaps this one.

Very ornate wall decor adds to the ambience of the restaurant.

Prism glass chandeliers and wall sconces were a 
focal point in almost every room. 

This settee had a lovely shape.

This was the largest leather chair I have ever seen.

Dinning room.

The recessed celling  and chandelier in the dinning room.

We were seated in the dinning room with the 
wrap around glass windows. Lake Michigan 
could be viewed by all the guest during the shower.

April 22, 2012

Thrift Share

We had a few estate sales in our area this weekend just a few items caught my eye ...

The red top caught my attention
on this spool of string. Original price tag 55¢.

Chippy black and white enamel tray and bin

Cardboard tomatoe market basket

Looking forward to see what everyone else found this week.

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April 20, 2012

Nails + Art = Nail Art

Have you ever run across something that you thought was amusing or cute and wanted to share it, but would never implement or use that idea? 

I think that these nail art designs are cute ...

April 18, 2012

RIP ~ Dick Clark

1929 - 2012

Dick Clark was part of my teenage years.
He will be missed.

We had an experience and an adventure

While on vacation in Orlando, Florida we of course made our mandatory stop(s) to the most magical place on earth, Disney.

The obligatory photo in front of the castle.

My son purchased mouse ears for my grandson, who wore those ears all day long during our first visit to the park, but never put them back on again.

This hat was on his head from the early morning 
until we left the park at night.

We also paid extra to have is name embroidered on the hat.
What were we thinking?
Just because they sell it doesn't mean you should buy it. No wonder I see so many Disney items at my local Goodwill, where else can you wear Disney items like this?

We also spent one day at Universal Studios because we had to see the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

The arched entrance that leads us to this magical world.

Hogwarts train.

A very goofy conductor.

Ready to go in the store to buy a wand.

All the roofs on the building were snow
covered while the temperatures were in the 80's.

Walt Disney World is an experience while Universal Studios is an adventure, but you know what? I enjoyed both parks.

April 17, 2012

The experience was just "ducky!"

 The Peabody Hotel has a marble fountain in the Grand Lobby that is home to five mallard ducks.

Each morning, promptly at 11 a.m., five North American mallard ducks, four hens and one drake, descend from their $100,000 penthouse, the Royal Duck Palace, in a special elevator. When the elevator doors open, The Peabody Ducks, accompanied by the Duck Master, take up their positions on a plush red carpet and begin The March of The Peabody Orlando Ducks to the rousing tones of John Philip Sousa's King Cotton March. Once the ducks reach the marble orchid topped fountain in the Grand Lobby, they mount three red-carpeted steps and splash into the fountain's water. At 5 p.m., the procession is reversed, and they march back to their special elevator and return to their Royal Duck Palace for dinner and a quiet evening together.

During our stay at The Peabody, my grandson, Declan had the honor of becoming an honorary Duck Master, and he loved it!

Declan meets with the Duck Master for instructions about
the 5 p.m. procession back to the Royal Duck Palace.

The official duck cane.

The Duck Mater explains the legend of the ducks to the crowd.

The ducks knew it was time to eat and didn't wait for their stairs
to be put in place. They jumped right out of the marble fountain.

The ducks marched along the red carpet towards the elevator.

It was a long walk to the elevators.

This is the ducks private elevator.

Sign reads: Reserved for The Peabody Ducks.

A quick trip up to the Royal Duck Palace.

The Royal Duck Palace cost 100,000 dollars to build.

These lucky ducks swim around in a fountain that is made of imported marble.

Declan was presented with a Peabody rubber duck, 

 and a certificate for being an honorary Duck Master.

What a fantastic experience the Peabody Hotel provided for my grandson.

The Legend of the Ducks

How did the tradition of the ducks in the Peabody Fountain begin?

Back in the 1930's Frank Schutt, General Manger of The Peabody and a friend Chip Barwick returned from a weekend hunting trip to Arkansas. The men had a little too much Tennessee sippin' whiskey and thought it would be funny to place some of their live duck decoy (it was legal then for hunter to use live decoys) in the beautiful Peabody Fountain.

Three small English call ducks were selected as "guinea pigs" and the reaction was nothing short of enthusiastic. That began the Peabody tradition that has become internationally famous.

The Peabody Hotel has locations in Memphis, Tennessee, Orlando, Florida, and Little Rock, Arkansas. I have had the pleasure of visiting the Tennessee and Florida locations and hope someday to visit the Little Rock, Arkansas location.