September 29, 2012

Up In the Sky

Tonight mother nature will allow us a visual treat in the night sky. So tonight I plan to step outside and gaze at the large orange full moon known as the Harvest Moon. Won't you join me?

September 28, 2012

Today I Will ...

While cleaning out a box of junk, I ran across a newspaper article that I clipped, the top portion of the article was torn off making it impossible for me to cite my sources for these words of wisdom.

So today I will be agreeable, look for the good in every situation, really listen to what others have to say, and not try to improve anybody expect myself.

September 27, 2012

Childhood Story Books that I Loved

YaYa (my grandchildren call me that instead of grandma) tell me a story is often requested while driving in the car or when they are trying to avoid bedtime.

When I was growing up I was taken to the local library weekly by my father, my mother was the story teller in the family reciting famous fairy tales with her own twist. Often my mother would tell me about her childhood growing up in Mooseheart the City of Children, run by the Loyal Order of Moose, who provide a home for children of deceased members of the Moose club. That story will be in another post.

I remember sitting in the living room with my parents, my father in his red leather recliner, my mother on one end of the couch, while I sat on the other end, reading in the golden glow provided by the lamps on the end tables.

Many of stories that I was told, read to, or read myself have stayed with me and have become my go to stories that I tell my grandchildren.

One of my favorite stories is The Story of Little Black Sambo, I don't have a copy of this book, but I retell the story to the children about the little boy dressed in his fine new clothes who is surrounded by tigers. The little boy gives his beautiful clothes to the tigers so he won't be eaten, each tiger thinks he is the best dress and the most handsome. They began to chase each other around a tree they run faster and faster until they melt into a puddle of butter. The boy gets his clothes back and takes the butter to his mother who makes pancakes.  

Today this story is not politically correct, and when I tell my grandchildren this story little boy has no name, I just call him;  the little boy. 

To this day I can see the illustration of the tigers running around the tree melting into butter. How I wish I had that book.

My most requested story to be told is; The Three Billy Goats Gruff, if I deviate from the story the children will immediately tell me, "...that's not how it goes."

I enjoy learning about new stories to read or tell my grandchildren. What is your favorite childhood story?


September 25, 2012

Over or Under • Toilet Paper Debate

Is there a correct way to hang a roll of toilet paper?  Last evening, my oldest daughter, visited,  and the spare roll of toilet tissue was placed in the holder. It was not replaced the way I normally do it, so I said "Who changed the toilet paper and put it on the wrong way?" A discussion pursued, and we both thought we were right.  

So I ask my friends in blog land, which way do you hang your toilet paper, over or under?

I always replace the toilet paper roll with the tail of the tissue under.

Perhaps, I shouldn't care if the tissue is over or under, and just be happy that someone replaced it.

September 24, 2012

Visit to the Farm with One of My Favorite Pumpkins

Sunday morning, crisp and refreshing with blue skies and scattered floating cotton candy clouds was the perfect day to visit our local farm to purchase a pumpkin.

Here is my Sunday morning in pictures.

Yep, we picked out just one pumpkin.

September 20, 2012

A Deflated Halloween Icon - Tiny the Spider

I was born in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, got married and moved to Kenosha, Wisconsin which is less than an  hour away from my childhood home. I still have relatives and childhood friends that live in the area so I visit this area on a regular basis. 

When I visit my sister and brother-in-law I often times take Interstate 94 which runs past Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois. When traveling down I94 you can see the iconic rides that are found inside of this amusement park. 

The summer season at Six Flags has come to a close, but the park is gearing up for the September 29th opening of Fright Fest that runs through October 28th. 

In 1981, a wooden roller coaster, American Eagle, was built at the south end of the amusement park. At that time, it was the tallest and fastest two track racing roller coaster. In the early years, this roller coaster would race backwards! I have had the experience of riding this awesome roller coaster front and backwards, yikes. For the first time this summer my six year old grandson experienced the thrill of riding this roller coaster, and like his mother, aunt, uncle, grandfather, and YaYa, he loved it!

The past 21 years the American Eagle, has been decorated with a giant spider, Tiny and her three spider children. As the motorists make their way south towards the Chicago, IL area or north towards Milwaukee, WI on I94, Tiny and her three children are visible from the highway and brings smiles, hoots and howlers to most of the people. 
Tiny and children announced the Halloween season from
the American Eagle at Six Flags Great American for 21 years.

Sadly, Tiny the spider was found on the ground deflated on September 17th next to the American Eagle. 

The giant spider was about 40 feet in diameter, Tiny's three babies, about 20 feet in diameter, will hang on the American Eagle alone this season.

Thank you, Tiny for bringing us 21 years of happiness during the Halloween season.

Tiny the Spider
1991 - 2012

September 19, 2012

Fall With Some Christmas Creep

The weather becomes cooler, the sun setting a little earlier each day, children settled into their school routines, mum plants dotting front porches along with pumpkins I welcome the fall season with open arms.

I started thinking about decorating for Halloween, making plans to take the grandchildren for a visit to the pumpkin farm, and putting up my decorations.

Here are a few of my Halloween decoration, you can view more from a blog I wrote last year:

My grandson, granddaughter, nephew and myself all celebrate birthdays in October, fall is a festive time for my family.

My sister-in-law and nephew left yesterday after a short visit, but while they were here we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel and browsed the store. Halloween displays from glowing pumpkins, enchanted brooms that light up and talk, to a Dachshund dressed up as a hot dog cause both old and young to smile as they press the buttons and flip the switches to see the lights flash and often times send out spooky sounds.

As we perused the rest of the store, I stopped dead in my tracks as my eyes fell upon a turn style filled with Christmas ornaments along with shelves displaying tee shirts decorated with bejeweled Christmas trees.

The date was September 17th I was just starting to think about fall decorations, and Halloween. 

Later that evening while checking out my Facebook page I ran across a post talking about Christmas Creep.  I have to admit that I have never heard that term before, so I Googled it. For detailed explanations from Wikipedia click here.

Have you ever heard the term Christmas Creep? 

Thank you for all of the emails and comments I received during my short blogging break. I look forward to getting back to my favorite blogs and perhaps finding some new ones to read.