April 30, 2013

It Was Paradise For Me In Punta Canna

While visiting Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic or as I like to refer to it, Paradise, I took many, many, many pictures to document my experience.

We stayed in an all inclusive resort that was far from the city center, you could hire a driver and venture out on your own, but this was not advised by the resort. So we happily spent our time at the resort.

The main building housed the reception area, this was an opened air building, no windows or doors so the breeze could flow through the area keeping it very pleasant. Bronze sculptures peppered the main lobby. Comfortable seating arranged in a cozy setting were always filled with people sipping drinks from the bar, or from the coffee/tea station, and it was the only location that had WIFI. Laptops, tablets, and smart phones were everywhere.

An open air theater had two performances each night, musical reviews, plays, and game shows entertained the resort guest. There was a small casino where a member of our group won on a penny machine. They put in a twenty dollar bill and played ten lines betting two cents each time. After three pulls on the handle, total spent 60¢, a bonus game came up and the machine paid out $65.00. Who was the winner... that would be me. I quickly cashed out and pocketed my winnings and the remainder of my $20.00.

This is the building where we stayed, my sister and her husband had a first floor room, and my niece and I were on the second floor. Every morning we were greeted with delightful views from our balcony.

Breakfast was my favorite meal of the day, twice we ate at the buffet located in the main lobby. This buffet had food for every pallet. There was the typical breakfast foods eggs, sausages, bacon, cheeses, cold sliced meats, fish, tortillas, and even onion rings were served.

The two chefs pictured above made me crepes, and huevos fritos, or fried eggs. I enjoyed the juice bar where I would drink several glasses of water mellon juice and something similar to an Orange Julius, orange juice, milk, and sugar blended with crushed ice.
It was yummy.

The cafe con crema, coffee with hot cream helped perk me up each morning, and then there was the chocolate con churros that I ate every morning. Who could resist fried dough that you dip into a very thick hot chocolate? Not me!

The native drink in the Dominican Republic is called Mama Juana
The Dominicans believe that Mama Juana can cure la gripe, the flu, and is an aphrodisiac.

Mama Juana is a drink from the Dominican Republic that is concocted by allowing rum, red wine, and honey to soak in a bottle with tree bark and herbs. I did not partake in this Dominican drink, it smelled yucky.

Next, shopping at a market on the beach.


April 29, 2013

Thrift Share

Every thing's coming up roses with my recent thrift treasures. 

A delightful rose with leaves adorn the top of these vintage metal hot plates, while crocheted scallops wrap around, the hot plate to keep this doily in place.

A vanity set with tole painted roses on the powder box which has a wooden knob, and two glass bottles with their original caps for  perfume or maybe lotion.

My friend Lydia gave me this Karoff Original moss rose traveling tea/coffee set. This set was sold in the 50's, and originally was in travel case with a heating element. An original sticker on the bottom of these pieces says hand painted, Pico, Japan.  Square mugs how fun!

How could I pass up this Regal Heritage bone china mug that was made in England priced at 49¢.

I will feel positively regal in the morning sipping my coffee from this gold rim mug with these charming roses on the front of the mug.

When my coffee is all gone the inside of the mug has a dainty rose bud on the inside.

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April 26, 2013

Can I Vent About Thrift Store Prices

What is happening at the thrift stores? The prices are outrageous! Am I just being crabby or frugal?  Help me decided if the thrift stores in my area have high price tags.

I saw this hand mirror sitting on the shelf, 
I have no idea what material this is made with.

It was priced at $9.99!
And can I just have a moment of your time to tell 
you how much I dislike the use of this wide tape!!!

The only explanation I can think of is that 
something else went along with the mirror.

I noticed this tchotchke/chotchke sitting on the shelf 
and was stunned at how this item was priced.

I picked up the largest Fleur-de-lis and found a tag for $1.99,
I then discovered that the two smaller ones were also 
$1.99 a piece. I would think that since they are 
smaller they would be less expensive.

My biggest surprise was finding out the tray that the
three Fleur-de-lis sit in was marked $14.99.
Total cost $20.96.

What happens if someone buys one of the Fleur-de-lis for $1.99?
That ruins the entire look of this tchotchke/chotchke.
Why not just mark, reasonably, all the pieces for one price?
They could use that wide tape that they are so fond of 
keeping all the pieces together.

This red Pyrex bowl was reasonably priced, 
however, it was pretty scratched up. I had to pass.

I wish all Pyrex was marked 99¢.

I left the GW feeling something like this.

Next stop was SVDP, I walked up and down 
the isles, I gasped when I saw what was sitting on the shelf, 
I ran over to grab my favorite colored Pyrex, PINK!!!

To find that it had a chunk missing on 
the outer rim. I held this pretty pink Pyrex bowl 
for a few moments and returned it to the shelf. 

The price was right, but I just couldn't live with the knick.

This baby scale has been sitting on the shelves at SVDP
for almost two months, in the same spot, and no buyers.

Could it be the price?

Rummage sales will soon be popping up in my area, especially church rummage sale, my favorite kind of sales, and I can avoid the thrift stores.

So my blog friends, am, I a crabby thrift shopper, or do you think these prices are outrageous? How are the prices at your thrift shops?

How I miss the thrift prices of five years ago, I could get a vintage apron for 49¢, and believe me I did, but that will have to be another post. 

Thank you for letting me vent, I promise I will be cheerful tomorrow.

April 25, 2013

A Wedding ~ A Celebration ~ Beautiful Memories

My great-nephews wedding was two days filled with family and friends. Activities were planned for us, meals were eaten together, and memories fill our hearts and minds of this lovely event.

Here is the happy couple jumping for joy! (This photo was taken by the resort photographer, release form was given to the bride and groom for the photo.) 

My nephew, the groom's father, my sweet sister, the bride and groom, who is my great-nephew, my brother-in-law, and my other great-nephew. My niece and I were taking pictures and forgot to get into most of the photos. 

My sweet sister was thrilled to see her first grandson get married and to welcome a new member into the family.  During this trip I wanted to take as many photos of my sister and her husband,  her children and grandchildren, my brother-in-law is ill, and I wanted to document as much of the happiness as I could.

My sweet sister, brother-in-law, new granddaughter and her two grandsons. 

I love this photo of grandson and grandmother dancing. My brother-in-law didn't dance during the reception, but a few days later . . .

I think he was smiling because the feathers from the girls head pieces were tickling his forehead. What else could it be?

April 24, 2013

There's No Place Like Home

Taking a vacation allows me to experience many things, seeing a different environment, learning about a different culture, and meeting new people.

My trip to Punta Cana did all of that, but one thing I enjoyed most was seeing the sun shine, the blue skies, green grass, green leaves, flowers, and warm weather.

But there is no place like home, even if the trees have no leaves, and the weather in Wisconsin is damp and a little chilly. 

My stay in Punta Cana was a little slice of paradise,  BUT when they tell you don't use the tap water to brush your teeth, you must remember that important fact. It appears that I am experiencing Montezuma's Revenge.

I'm hoping to visit my favorite blogs very soon.

April 17, 2013

And I'm Off

I will be boarding this airplane at 8 a.m.with 
several family members and flying to my 
great nephews destination wedding.

We will arrive in Punta Cana at 1:35 p.m.

At least the weather will be consistent.

I will return to blogging next week.

April 14, 2013

A Victorian Tea Party In A Queen Anne Mansion

I was invited to celebrate a friends birthday in Lake Geneva Wisconsin, a fabulous little tourist town located an hour west of where I live, for a Victorian Tea Party.

The tea party would be celebrated in a Queen Anne Mansion that was built in 1885 by the widow Emily Baker. This 17,000 square foot, 30 room mansion, is listed on The National Register of Historic Places, the lower floors are used for the restaurant while the hotel is located upstairs with four luxury suites available for guests.

The initials R. H. B. of Emily's late husband were lovingly placed in the threshold of the entry so she would never have to pass through the door without him. Today guests are still greeted by Mr. Baker initials as they cross the same threshold. 

Guest are encouraged but not required to select, from the many hats available, one to wear during the tea.

Remember, I worked in a public school for twenty two years, so of course, my first reaction was there was no way I was going to put on a hat that was worn by other people. After being told by a member of the staff that the hats were sprayed after each use, yeah right, my friends insisted that I select a chapeau for our tea party.

The birthday girl on the left and the hostess of this petite party on the right look stunning in their hats.

Me, on the other hand, should never wear a hat!

Guests were allowed to choose which room they wanted to have their tea in, we choose the family room.

Other rooms that were available to be seated in were, the library

the game room

or the formal living room.

Our little group in the family room.

We choose our tea by smelling the samples.

Our choices were Lady Londonderry, Peach Apricot, or Bourbon Street Vanilla Rooibos. I choose Lady Londonderry, a delicate, medium afternoon tea with a malty floral flavor with hints of strawberry and lemon. 

The tea was poured, and the savory and sweet delights were placed on our table.

Our savory portions included, cucumber, radish & cranberry cream cheese sandwich, egg salad, chicken salad, and a crusted bread that tasted like a BLT. 

There are no photos of the sweet bread, scones, or the assorted petite sweets because I was starved and once I started to eat I forgot all about taking pictures. 

A good time was had by all.  It was a fun afternoon.

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