March 31, 2012

Thrift Share

I was on the hunt Saturday morning, not for vintage items or thrift finds, but for the newly released Skylander  Legendary figure for my five year old grandson. For those of you who aren't aware of what a Skylander is I'm right with you because I don't know either. What I do know is that it's for a video game, and it is an extremely popular item.

So instead of standing in a queue waiting to get into the estate sale, I was standing in line outside of Toys R Us waiting for it to open. I am happy to report I was able to secure one Skylanders Limited Edition Legendary Trigger Happy figure for his Easter basket.

Our arrival at the estate sale was rather late, and everything was picked over. I wandered around the upstairs and basement before finding my sister standing outside on the deck just off from the kitchen. No one else seemed interested in the few items that were displayed on the deck except for my sister. She stood in front of a record cabinet with sliding wooden doors that were warped. Several items were displayed on the top of the cabinet, but that was not what my sister was interested in. She was unsuccessfully trying to slide open the cabinet doors. This cabinet, which was not intended for outdoor use, had endured a lot of damp and wet weather and those doors would not budge. As we struggled to open the doors, we attracted a few on lookers.

We could see that several items were inside the cabinet, but we had no idea what the items were. After several minutes of straining, pulling, and yanking the sliding door, it budges about six inches, just enough to pull out the mystery items within. We now had four people watching and waiting to see what the contents would be. 

Here are the treasures that I pulled our from inside the cabinet...

Turquoise "Gold Tweed" pedestal vase/pot by Haeger.

Does anyone know what year this was produced
from the makers mark?

This Haeger vase measures eleven and a half inches tall.
I can't wait to display some lilacs or peonies in this vase. 

This year my deviled eggs will be sitting 
on this Indiana clear glass egg tray.

This tray is beautiful even upside down.

There were several more items inside the cabinet that we weren't interested in, some dishes, a Haeger Madonna planter, pickle jars, and some junk. 

All of these items were extremely dirty and had no prices.  We got in line, to get prices and pay for our treasures. When the man saw the dirt and grim he said "These must be from the garage everything out there is dirty." I paid $3.50 for all three items.

Moral of the story; always open doors and drawers, look under tables and inside boxes, because you never know what you might find.

Looking forward to see what everyone else found this week.

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March 29, 2012

Stuffed with Love

Whoever came up with the concept of Build -A- Bear has a brilliant mind and understands children and how to get grandmothers to buy everything.

My grandchildren have enjoyed playing the online games that Build-A-Bear offers, especially Fluffed & Fabulous.

Our  Build -A- Bear experience in pictures.

Pressing the petal to stuff the Hello Kitty. 
Kissing the heart before it goes in. 
Making a wish.
Putting the heart inside.
Isn't he having fun? He didn't like the noise.
Making a wish with his heart. 
Putting the heart inside his dog.
This part he liked, grooming was fun.

Tell a three and four year old to say
cheese, and this is what you get.

What are they looking at? It sure wasn't me.

March 27, 2012

Living History - Historical Timekeepers

My home town has four museums, History Center, Dinosaur Discovery, Public Museum, and the Civil War Museum, small they may be, but they provide many hours of education and enlightenment to all of its visitors.

This past weekend the Civil War Museum, hosted its second annual Civil War Expo with seminars, classes, and exhibits. I was in the area and decided to pop in and check it out, here are a few of my favorite exhibits.

Spinning wheel demonstration using fur from a llama.

These sweet ladies had to educate me about the 
items sticking out from the containers on the table. 
They are called spills.

A spill is a long cone shaped shaving of wood that was
 used to transfer fire from one fire source, such as a 
fireplace or stove, to another, perhaps a lantern or candle,
 especially in the days when matches were scarce. 
Modern uses for spills include kindling for lighting a
campfire or packing material for shipping fragile items.

The spoon bonnet has a high brim and narrow 
sides and, does look similar to the bowl of a spoon.

This fan was used by fancy ladies at parties or dances.
The fan had a looking glass or small mirror on one end. When 
the lady was fanning herself the looking glass would reflect 
the fire light and attract attention from the gentleman.

1868 elliptical hoop skirt. The elliptical hoop has 
the fullness moving to the back of the skirt.

The front of the dress lies flat

while the back is much fuller.

Here are a few more photos;
a baby rattle, child's shoes, book

a man's coin holder that is worn over his belt

and a purse and hair comb

I didn't attend any seminars or classes, but I did enjoy the exhibits. Maybe next year I will attend the Civil War fashion show.

March 25, 2012

Thrift Share

The contents of the estate sale that I attended on Saturday belonged to a retired Catholic priest. As you can imagine the house was filled with religious articles, statues of saints, bibles, prayer books, and of course household items. The priest was well traveled and had many beautiful items. The house was loaded with things for sale, and many people were in attendance.

I was thrilled when I entered the basement and found a table full of vintage books.

1968 Child's book: Evening Prayers
by Ester Wilkins & Pictures by Eloise Wilkins.

Look at those chubby little fingers 
that softly stroke the baby robins head.
The prayer reads:

A little bird fell from the nest.
I put him back with all the rest.
I heard him faintly cheeping.

The nest is high upon the limb.
Dear God, will You take care of him?
I leave him in your keeping.

I like the art work of Eloise Wilkins.

This book was published in 1942.

1945 baby book.

Filled with wonderful images.

A medal for the babies crib.

This Coro signed charm bracelet has figural 
charms representing the ten commandments.

Each charm has a Roman numeral,
this is the fifth commandment,
Honor thy father and thy mother.

Looking forward to see what everyone else found this week.

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March 23, 2012

Door Knobs from Around Poland

I am not a DIY kind of person, I want to be, but as I have stated before, I'm missing the craft gene. In my head and heart, I have projects that I want to do, but it never happens because I just don't know where to begin.

I came across an envelope with photos inside from my trip to Poland in 2008 that held photos for one of my DIY ideas that never came about. I was smitten by the beauty of the door knobs and knockers in Poland and took several photos. My DIY idea was to frame the photos in a collage format and hang it in my entry way. It didn't happen, but I wanted to share photos of the door knobs with you.

The patina on this door knocker is lovely.

I liked how the hearts formed the flowers on this door.

How many hands have used this door
knocker to announce their arrival for a visit?

Love the spiral on the end of the handle.


I would love to have one like this.

The backplate is beautiful.

Very pretty with the scroll details. 

My favorite door knob.

Is this knocker sticking out his tongue?

My cousin Ruth from Dian's Timpanalley and I are in the process of making plans for a trip to Poland, I can't wait to visit again.