July 15, 2012

Thrift Share

I wasn't planning on doing any thrift shopping this week, but while driving home from the grocery store I spotted a rummage sale. Of course, I stopped to take a gander at what was for sale.

Children's clothes, toys, miscellaneous doodads, and sitting on the edge of the cement driveway I saw these boxes.

Mom's china could mean vintage china.

I caught a glimpse of the pattern and knew that it was Staffordshire, I had seen the pattern before but didn't know the name. I wasn't in the market for any more dinnerware, but I asked the question.

Me:  How much do you want for the china? 
Rummage sale lady: I meant to mark that, how about $15.00. 
Me:  Do you know how many place settings there are?
Rummage sale lady: I think there are eight inside those two boxes.

So, without unwrapping all the dishes in the boxes I paid and brought them home.

This is the pattern I saw peeking out
from the newspaper: it's called
Yorkshire, made in Staffordshire England.
Eleven place settings, dinner plate, salad plate,
bowl, and saucer and cup.
Butter dish.

Gravy boat.

Creamer and sugar bowl.

Two oval serving platters.

Two vegetable bowls.

This is the markings on the bottom of the dishes.

Sixty three pieces of stunning dishes, all for $15.00.
I paid 25 cents per piece. 
What did you find this week while thrift shopping? I can't wait to see all of your treasures. 

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  1. Such a beautiful pattern! What a price!

  2. Oh my goodness, you hit the jackpot! They are all lovely and the pattern is fantastic. Great job! Are you planning on sellig them? Thank you for joining us at Cap Creations!

  3. You got a deal! I have always loved that pattern. So many beautiful pieces.

  4. Oh my, be still my heart. You definitely got the deal of the week. Score.

  5. It was well worth stopping at the sale for you.
    Such a pretty set.

  6. I love them. Just a hint of color here and there makes them look so lovely.

  7. That's a stunning set! Definitely worth the gamble.

  8. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Yorkshire don't look like that any more! LOL

    Seriously, that's a stupendous bargain, just shows it does sometimes pay off if you take a chance.

    Thanks for linking up x

  9. That must have made your day!!! Nice!!

  10. Yes, that is a great buy!! I have to agree with missielizzie though, no where in Yorkshire looks like that now!

  11. What a steal! I'm almost green with envy! I would have grabed it and run just like you did!

  12. holy smack! that's a fantastic haul! good for you!

  13. What a fabulous find. Fifteen dollars for that stack of dishes is just amazing! Won't they be fun to use this fall? Great for Thanksgiving dinner, too!

    Is was sure worth stopping at that rummage sale. Way to go!

  14. wow! you really did hit the jackpot with that. I love it, so elegant.

  15. Do you hear that? It's the police coming to arrest you for garage sale robbery.:-) Nice score, I would have bought them too, not that I have room for them. I love old patterns but my eyes are bigger than my storage. How about you, do you have room? Enjoy them and happy meals to you!

  16. That is about the best find I have heard of in a long time. Any box marked "mom's china" deserves a second look! Loved reading about your good luck.

  17. Just stopping back in to let you know I've featured you on the blog today!

  18. ohmylawd! what a score! you hit the jackpot paulette! soo lucky! :D