March 29, 2012

Stuffed with Love

Whoever came up with the concept of Build -A- Bear has a brilliant mind and understands children and how to get grandmothers to buy everything.

My grandchildren have enjoyed playing the online games that Build-A-Bear offers, especially Fluffed & Fabulous.

Our  Build -A- Bear experience in pictures.

Pressing the petal to stuff the Hello Kitty. 
Kissing the heart before it goes in. 
Making a wish.
Putting the heart inside.
Isn't he having fun? He didn't like the noise.
Making a wish with his heart. 
Putting the heart inside his dog.
This part he liked, grooming was fun.

Tell a three and four year old to say
cheese, and this is what you get.

What are they looking at? It sure wasn't me.


  1. What fun for grandma and aunt. Love the last photo.

  2. Totally precious! What a fun day that must have been!!

  3. Looks as though everyone had a wonderful day!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Very cute pictures Paulette! My grandchildren love build a bear too and they all made one for christmas.We have twin nieces and we did them one each when they were born.

  5. Oh yay! Thanks for sharing this! We are doing this for my daughter's birthday in a few weeks so glad to see it was fun :)