March 25, 2012

Thrift Share

The contents of the estate sale that I attended on Saturday belonged to a retired Catholic priest. As you can imagine the house was filled with religious articles, statues of saints, bibles, prayer books, and of course household items. The priest was well traveled and had many beautiful items. The house was loaded with things for sale, and many people were in attendance.

I was thrilled when I entered the basement and found a table full of vintage books.

1968 Child's book: Evening Prayers
by Ester Wilkins & Pictures by Eloise Wilkins.

Look at those chubby little fingers 
that softly stroke the baby robins head.
The prayer reads:

A little bird fell from the nest.
I put him back with all the rest.
I heard him faintly cheeping.

The nest is high upon the limb.
Dear God, will You take care of him?
I leave him in your keeping.

I like the art work of Eloise Wilkins.

This book was published in 1942.

1945 baby book.

Filled with wonderful images.

A medal for the babies crib.

This Coro signed charm bracelet has figural 
charms representing the ten commandments.

Each charm has a Roman numeral,
this is the fifth commandment,
Honor thy father and thy mother.

Looking forward to see what everyone else found this week.

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  1. Those illustrations are gorgeous. I love the charms, I have never seen anything like them. So interesting :-)

  2. Such an interesting sale!! Lovely treasures.

  3. I would have loved to have been at that sale! The books are so charming and the charm bracelet is so unique, I have never seen one like that - what a great find!

  4. Oooooh - thank you for sharing your treasures. How interesting to see that particular sale!

  5. I would have loved to have had the books.They are gorgeously illustrated and I think anyone would treasure them.

  6. I just love the illustrations of Eloise Wilkin! What a fabulous find that Evening Prayer book is. The little charm bracelet is so sweet. What lovely finds!

  7. I just adore children's books. You found some really sweet ones! Thanks for sharing. Have a great week ahead!

  8. Aw - the first book is so sweet!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. I love Eloise Wilkins books. The illustrations are so sweet and charming. You got some really nice stuff!

  10. Loved the books. Did you have a lovely baby book? My brother Fred had two; I had none.

  11. Wonderful books, I bet his home was filled with so many wonderful things. I envy your housesales xx

  12. Love the Eloise Wilkin illustrations, I have just started the hunt for more of her books, they're beautiful...

  13. Wow wow wow, those illustrations are just beautiful. I would have taken my scissors to them by now, cutting them up in the name of craft, which just feels a little sacreligious! AM glad you found them and not me!

  14. The books are so pretty. Love the bracelet too!

  15. What a lovely and not usual estate sale. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I'm not a religious person, but those baby books are so beautiful.

    There's something very sad about it though don't you think?

    Thanks for sharing x

  17. Lovet the goodies you found! I have not been to an estate sale in a long time. Things sure do change when you have kids!!! Thanks for linking up at Cap Creations.