March 6, 2012

Vintage Limericks

Do items at thrift stores or estate sales sometimes find you instead of you finding them? That is exactly what happened with these autograph books while I was shopping at an estate sale this past weekend.

My shopping experience at the estate sale was cut short, (you can read more about that story here) while I was waiting to pay I bumped into a round coffee table and noticed the autograph books.

I have a love for ephemera so, I immediately picked up the autograph books took a quick peek and knew I was going to purchase them. 

I came home and read all of the entries, examined the hand writing, and chuckled at the sayings.

This album for autographs is well loved 
with the gilding faded in many areas, and has
limericks from 1903 to 1904.

Inside cover - it was made in Germany

When your old and can't see
Put on your specks and think of me.

When your married and your husband is cross
Come over to my house and eat some applesauce.
I thought it was odd that Alias and Viva Donovan 
added their names to Mrs. Rice limerick.

Round is an apple soon it is rotten
A young mans vows are soon forgotten.
I wonder why E. Johnson is bitter towards men? 

When you stand before the tub
Think of me before you rub.
This one made me laugh out loud!

These entries are from 1930 to 1934.

Here's to the American Eagle
May he never loose a feather
Til his big shoes and your little feet
Are under one bed together.
Yours till the ocean wears
rubber pants to keep its bottom dry.
This one is my favorite.

When the sun is slowly (written slowely) sinking
And on earth no more you trod
May your name in gold be written
In the autograph of God.

Sailing down the stream of life
In your little canoe,
May you have a pleasant trip
And room enough for two.

When you get married and live by the lake
Send me a piece of your wedding cake.

I never had an autograph book while growing up, but my high school year books have many stories and signatures written on its pages. I wonder if my children will sell my yearbooks at an estate sale.


  1. What interesting little books - great finds!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. What a wonderful slice of life!!

  3. I loved the table and the autograph book is priceless....what a wonderful treasure!
    I agree i think some of my treasure stand up and say take me take me!!

  4. I love old autograph books, there so fun to read. I have a couple of them, but they've gotten harder to find at a reasonable price. Have fun with them. Hope things are going well for you!

  5. "When you get married and live by the lake..." sounds like us. How funny :)

  6. My favorite "When the sun is slowly....." Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. What a super old find. I had an autograph book in the 60's (probably still around if I really dig) and I remember writing all those little verses to friends at school in the 70's.

  8. How fun! I bet you are having a ball reading through these autograph books. Love them!

  9. What a great find! I did a post on my Grandmothers, Great Great Aunt and Great Grandmother autograph books that I have and treasuer. from 1880-1910's

  10. The limericks are great, I enjoyed reading them. I have a really old book that has such things written in and also odd things found on gravestones, its fascinating to read.