March 23, 2012

Door Knobs from Around Poland

I am not a DIY kind of person, I want to be, but as I have stated before, I'm missing the craft gene. In my head and heart, I have projects that I want to do, but it never happens because I just don't know where to begin.

I came across an envelope with photos inside from my trip to Poland in 2008 that held photos for one of my DIY ideas that never came about. I was smitten by the beauty of the door knobs and knockers in Poland and took several photos. My DIY idea was to frame the photos in a collage format and hang it in my entry way. It didn't happen, but I wanted to share photos of the door knobs with you.

The patina on this door knocker is lovely.

I liked how the hearts formed the flowers on this door.

How many hands have used this door
knocker to announce their arrival for a visit?

Love the spiral on the end of the handle.


I would love to have one like this.

The backplate is beautiful.

Very pretty with the scroll details. 

My favorite door knob.

Is this knocker sticking out his tongue?

My cousin Ruth from Dian's Timpanalley and I are in the process of making plans for a trip to Poland, I can't wait to visit again.


  1. He certainly is sticking his tongue out. Loved your post today. We need to firm up reservations before the airlines increase their prices.

  2. I loved these doorknobs! You have a great eye!

  3. Those are fantastic! So you two are cousins. I had no idea. How fun to be planning a trip together!

  4. love these photos! I am impressed that you thought to take these on your trip- I usually think of doing this after I get home:)
    Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog.
    I am your newest follower

  5. never thought doorknobs could be this pretty :) they do add character to the door! beauty is in the details :)