March 4, 2012

Thrift Share

Every so often we will have an estate sale in the area that starts on a Thursday and runs until Sunday. On Thursday morning, I was standing outside waiting for over an hour for my number to be called with extremely cold feet and hands that had no gloves. You would think I would remember that I live in Wisconsin, and it is still winter.

When my number was finally called, I understood why only a few people were allowed inside. This was a three bedroom, one bath, living room, dinning room, small kitchen with an attached garage, and a basement ranch styled house. 

The ladies working the sales appeared fluster whispering amongst themselves, after several phone calls, and more whispers everyone in the house was informed that a worker was found dead in her home from carbon monoxide poisoning. Many of the regulars shopping the sale knew her, as you can imagine everyone was terribly upset, and a dark mood fell over the house.

Everyone quickly checked out so that the ladies could have a few moments together to recover from the shock of their friend and co-workers passing. 

This is what I purchased....

While walking around the garage, the 
shape of these tools caught my attention.

I liked the shape on top of this screw.

This one was linear in design.

The center had both straight lines,
and curves to compliment the other pieces.

What will I do with these three tools? My first thought was to group them and hang them on the wall, but now I am thinking perhaps they can hold/display some of my vintage photos. What do you think?

As I waited in line to checkout a coffee table was next to me (photo taken with my phone at the sale) so of course, I checked out all the items on the table while I waited. I also purchased two autograph books 
(see the red arrows) with some pretty amusing limericks written between 1904 and 1934. I will do a separate post about autograph books and the limericks.

Looking forward to see what everyone else found this week.

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  1. How sad! I think the photoholder idea is a good one. jennyx

  2. Wonderful tools but not wonderful news while you were shopping!

  3. i think they are sort of vise grips or something. they are mainly used to steady something... am not sure though but repurposing them into photo holders is a wonderful idea :)

  4. I love the old clamps and tools you bought. They have a rustic beauty about them. I would love to see what you do with them.


  5. Those tools are great, I like the shapes too and I'm sure you will come up with something brilliant to do with them. Pinterest is always good for inspiration and ideas.

  6. Those old tools are interesting. I love your idea of turning them into photo holders.

    Look forward to the autograph book posts. I bet they are a hoot!

  7. I buy clamps and those ruler things too. I have several of each. And I have a couple of autograph books from the 1930s. They are fun to read.

  8. You can never have too many clamps! LOL

    Actually they are very pretty in they're own right and I never noticed before. I usually skip all the 'men's rusty tools' sections!

  9. I love the aged, rustic look of the tools you bought. I'm a sucker for vintage industrial odds and ends. Very nice find!

  10. great eye on the tools! Very nice

  11. My husband would die for those clamps. I long to visit America to attend an estate sale, but this particular one must have been very sad.