December 10, 2011

Unique & Meaningful Christmas Tree

While blog hopping, I came across Sweet Romantic Notions written by Shirley. Her blog showcased her fabulous Christmas tree.  

Shirley has decorated her vintage silver tinsel tree in a unique, and meaningful way. I am so happy that I came across her blog, why don't you pop over and read her blog title Hanky Christmas Tree.

Photo courtesy of Sweet Romantic Notions


  1. I was so excited when I read your comment! I have had some trouble lately with my computer lately and haven't been able to post much. I've also been feeling a little down( and I don't know why), but you've really made my week!!! I would be happy to purchase them and pay for shipping and handling. I can't express to you how much your kindness means. Thanks again for being so very thoughtful. God bless and Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you for sharing this, silver trees hold a special meaning in my past. How she honored her love ones with the tree decorations makes it have even more meaning.

  3. I remember my grandparents having a silver tree - there was a light at the bottom of the tree which shown different colors as the tree turned. Thanks for the memories.