December 19, 2011

Our heirloom Christmas treasure

Last week I stopped by to visit my sweet sister, and I noticed that she had started to put up our heirloom Christmas treasure, the nativity set from when we were children. We started to calculate how old the nativity set was, which lead me to the photo album.

The back of the photo has the year as 1953.
I can't believe they let me play with the nativity set!

This photo was dated 1961.
Look at the pattern on the drapes. Yikes!

This photo was taken December 2011.
My sister wasn't happy I took the picture before 
she finished her set-up, but if I had waited any longer I 
would have been roped into helping her to finish the display.

We can document with photos that 
our family owned the nativity in 1953.
My sister remembers it being in our home when she was ten or eleven.  
So we estimate the age to be around 63 years old.

Does your family have an heirloom Christmas treasure? If you have blogged about your treasure leave me your URL in the comments section, I would love to read and see photos of your treasures.


  1. I love your family nativity set. And, your photos are priceless! This year, I created a holiday vignette in the drawers of a two-drawer oak file cabinet. I filled it with old family photos, doilies that my grandmother crocheted, glass ornaments that my husband's family had when he was a kid in the '60s and some of my mother's vintage jewelry. This was a new display for me, but nearly all of the elements are old--things that have been with our families for decades. You can dee my drawers at

  2. What a great treasure to have! When we dispersed my father in law's things, I took a box of their old decorations and was surprised to find the tin star tree topper in a photo of their Christmas tree circa 1950-55.

  3. How wonderful that you own the nativity that has been used in your family for so many years. It is a treasure.


  4. No family Christmas treasures, just memories. Isn't it nice to backtrack on the history.

  5. A beatiful nativity set, and so many memories, how lovely.

  6. your nativity scene is lovely. I have some old (must be about 59/60 years old) that my mum and dad bought when first married, unfortunately they are really fragile and I havent actually put pics on my blog.My favourite though is a little bird with a bristly tail.

  7. That is so sweet! Love that you have those photo's of you with the nativity set. I also have our childhood nativity set and our aluminum tree. I am so happy to still have these treasures.