December 9, 2011

It wouldn't be Christmas without Candy Canes

Ah, candy canes the red and white curved candy that is loved during the Christmas season. Look for these red and white treats used as decorations on trees, a stirring stick for hot cocoa, used in various craft projects, in holiday baking, and Santa Clause always gives out this tasty candy to good little boys and girls.

During a nativity ceremony at Germany's Cologne Cathedral in 1670 sugar sticks were given to all the children.  According to legend, their curved shape was created to resemble a shepherd's staff. At that time, the candy was pure white. In the beginning of the twentieth century, red stripes and peppermint flavoring were added.

Traditional Candy Canes

Decorate your tree with Candy Canes

Candy Canes used to flavor and stir Hot Chocolate

Crafting with Candy Canes

Peppermint Bark

Santa leaves Candy Canes

In recent years, different flavored Candy Canes have become popular, no longer just a peppermint treat, you can find cinnamon, apple pie, SweetTart, cherry, grape, and new flavors continue to pop up all over the retailers shelves, and on the internet. 

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My husband use to love Candy Canes, so as soon as the first boxes of this peppermint treat reached the retailers shelf we bought several boxes. I wonder what he would think of all the different Candy Cane flavors that are now available? 


  1. So many of the ornaments such as candy canes represent Christ's birth - many people do not know the symbolism. Thanks for reminding us of where the candy cane came from and the symbol that it represents.

  2. Nice to see you visited my blog I have reciprocated and I am glad I did I had no idea you can put a candy cane in hot chocolate - yummy!

  3. Hi Paulette,
    Thanks for the lovely comment on my Hanky Tree. I wish I had shown more of the holiday hankies as I had so many pictures to show. I love my new Silver Tree and already thinking of things for next year..Maybe a tree filled with all flavours of Candy Canes..LOL! It would look stunning..
    Love Candy Canes too..

  4. I love the scent of peppermint! And they look so pretty in a dish! Happy holidays! ♥

  5. love candy canes! i remember my childhood when i see one :) thanks for your lovely comments on my blog btw :) have u checked out the japanese washi tapes? :D